Willow Tree Chrysalis Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure of Supportive Friendship


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Capture the beauty of true friendship and love with the Willow Tree Chrysalis figurine. This elegant sculpted piece depicts two women embracing in a tender moment, one gently holding the other in a showing of compassion and care. The fluid lines and soft, soothing colors of their cream-colored dresses evoke a sense of warmth, safety, and serenity. With its uplifting sentiment of giving comfort and encouragement, Chrysalis makes a meaningful gift for any special woman in your life – a sister, mother, daughter, close friend or mentor.

Celebrate the Bond of Sisterhood

The intimate postures of the two figures symbolize the extraordinary gift of sisterhood. Their hands tenderly cradling each other is reminiscent of the childhood bonds formed between siblings – of sharing laughter and tears, fears and dreams. Now fully grown, their sisterly friendship remains constant as they continue to nurture and sustain one another through life’s joys and trials. Chrysalis is a wonderful gift to honor the lifelong commitment of sisters.

Cherish Your Best Friend

At all stages of life, female friendships provide a source of strength, inspiration, and comfort. The Chrysalis sculpture embodies the spirit of true best friends – always ready to listen, understand, and lift each other up. Its message of mutual support makes this a thoughtful present for your closest girlfriend, whether she’s stood by your side for decades or you’ve only recently met. It serves as a reminder that true friends are invaluable gems.

Celebrate the Mother-Daughter Connection

The profound mother-daughter relationship is built on an unbreakable emotional bond. Chrysalis captures the essence of a mother’s never-ending love and protection of her daughter. As life’s journey brings its twists and turns, mother and child continue to find solace and refuge in one another’s arms. This sculpture makes a heartwarming gift for milestone moments – wedding, graduation, new baby – or simply to honor the irreplaceable gift of a mother’s love.

Hand-Sculpted and Hand-Painted in the USA

This stunning resin sculpture is proudly handcrafted in Kansas City, MO by award-winning artist Susan Lordi. Each individual piece begins as an original carving sculpted by the artist. It is then cast from her carving and hand-painted to achieve a beautifully fluid, lifelike quality. The artistry infused in each step results in a truly unique and meaningful work of art.

Ready for Presentation

Chrysalis arrives ready for gifting in secure fitted packaging, including an enclosure card with the touching sentiment: “Protect and cherish; give wings to fly.” For home decor, it is designed to sit gracefully on shelf, table or mantle. The neutral cream tones and understated elegance allow it to blend seamlessly with any style of decor. To care for the piece, simply dust occasionally with a soft cloth or brush.

About Willow Tree

Willow Tree hand-carved figural sculptures convey emotions of healing, love, friendship and inspiration. They represent qualities and sentiments that transcend age, gender and ethnicity. Susan Lordi, who founded the line in 2000, seeks to create pieces that represent peoples’ deepest emotions. Willow Tree has grown into a globally recognized brand, while maintaining its humble origins. Susan oversees every step of the creation process from her Kansas City studio to ensure that each piece remains an authentic original.

Bring the gift of sisterhood, friendship and unconditional love into your home with the Willow Tree Chrysalis figurine. Its tender hand-painted detail provides an uplifting daily reminder of the bonds we share with the women who inspire us. Click Add to Cart to cherish this beautiful symbol of nurturing and growth for yourself or a loved one.


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