Willow Tree Close to Me Musical Figurine – A Treasured Embrace Captured in an Heirloom Quality Sculpture


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There’s nothing quite like the special bond between people who love each other. Whether it’s a mother and child, two sisters, or close friends, these relationships fill our hearts with comfort, joy and meaning. The Willow Tree Close to Me sculpture beautifully captures this sentiment in a finely crafted work of art that will be treasured for generations.

This elegant figurine depicts an older woman warmly embracing a young girl, their heads tilted together in a tender moment. Both figures are dressed in intricately carved cream-colored dresses adorned with intertwining vines and leaves. Their peaceful expressions convey the deep affection and connection they share.

But what makes this sculpture truly special is the addition of music. When activated, the round wood base plays the soothing notes of Debussy’s Clair de Lune, creating a multi-sensory experience. The evocative piano solo complements the figures, enhancing the sense of closeness and harmony.

An Heirloom Quality Sculpture Full of Meaning

Willow Tree figurines are known for their simplicity, grace and emotional resonance. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves each original piece in her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Castings are then made from her carvings and painted carefully by hand. The result is an heirloom quality sculpture that conveys human feelings and experiences through subtle gestures and expressions.

The Close to Me sculpture stands 7.5 inches high and will look beautiful displayed on a shelf, table or mantel. Keep it in your living room so you can enjoy the comforting music and tender scene every day. The rich symbolism also makes this a meaningful gift for major life events:

  • Wedding or anniversary gift for a couple to signify lasting love and commitment.
  • Birthday or Christmas gift for a mother and daughter to represent their unbreakable bond.
  • Graduation or sendoff gift for two friends keeping each other close despite distance.
  • New baby gift for parents embarking on their new journey together.

The enclosed sentiment card with the handwritten words “Apart or together, always close to me” adds another special touch.

A Musical Sculpture that Evokes Warm Memories

Willow Tree musical figurines combine visual and auditory elements to create a multi-dimensional experience. The sound of this sculpture’s melodic tune will fill your heart with nostalgia and comfort. Debussy’s Clair de Lune is a popular classical piece that many will recognize from childhood or important past events. Hearing those familiar notes while viewing the tender scene will stir fond memories and emotions.

The music box mechanism is seamlessly built into the sturdy base, allowing the sculpture to rotate as the music plays. Just wind it up to enjoy up to one hour of continuous music. Turning the sculpture into a music box is a natural and exciting evolution for the Willow Tree brand. The juxtaposition of graceful figures and classic melodies results in a new format that makes these pieces even more magical.

Beautifully Designed and Crafted for Years of Enjoyment

Willow Tree has been creating meaningful sculptures since Susan Lordi’s original carving of “Angels of Hope” in 2000. Each piece is designed and crafted to withstand the test of time.

The Close to Me sculpture is carefully cast from Susan’s hand-carved original using durable resin. It has a lovely matte finish that highlights the subtle details. The rich cream colorscheme gives it an elegant, timeless look. Even the wood base has beautiful grain patterns that complement the figures.

As with all Willow Tree pieces, you can dust it gently with a soft cloth or brush. Minimal care allows you to pass this heirloom down to future generations. The sculpture comes packaged in a fitted box so it’s ready for gift-giving.

Bring Heartwarming Comfort to Your Home

The Willow Tree Close to Me Musical sculpture will be a treasured addition to any space. The finely detailed figurines and soothing music create a multi-sensory experience that fosters meaningful connections. Display it prominently so you can enjoy its beauty, craftsmanship and emotional resonance every day. Let it fill your heart with the comfort of love and family as it becomes part of your home for years to come.


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