Willow Tree Courageous Joy Hand-Painted Resin Sculpture


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Embrace the courage to be seen, heard, and healed with the uplifting Willow Tree Courageous Joy figurine. This inspirational sculpture stands about 7 inches tall and depicts a woman with arms raised overhead in a power stance of strength. Her joyful expression represents the confidence to face life’s challenges head-on.

The Courageous Joy sculpture is hand-carved by artist Susan Lordi in her Kansas City studio. Each piece begins as an original carving in Susan’s recognizable Willow Tree style. Castings are then made from her carvings and painted by hand to bring out realistic skin tones and textured clothing details.

This particular rendering features a woman with darker skin and a natural black hairstyle. Her empowering stance shows arms stretched high in a V-shape, hands open. The long dress she wears is etched entirely with textile patterns reminiscent of African mudcloth.

Willow Tree figurines convey emotions and sentiments through body language and facial expressions. Uplifting gestures like the one depicted in Courageous Joy offer support, inspiration, and congratulations. The joyful confidence embodied in this sculpture makes it an impactful gift for any occasion:

  • Graduation – Let Courageous Joy inspire self-assurance and excitement for future endeavors.
  • Healing Journey – Offer encouragement during a difficult time with this daily reminder of inner strength.
  • Inspiration – Allow the powerful stance and joyful expression to rekindle one’s confidence and courage.

The rich symbolism also lends itself well for display in a variety of settings:

  • Home Décor – Place on a shelf, tabletop, or mantel as an everyday source of motivation.
  • Office – Keep on your desk as a reminder to meet challenges at work with poise and determination.
  • Bedroom – Allow the empowering image to inspire self-acceptance and joyful confidence.

Willow Tree figurines make excellent gifts for loved ones due to their expressive sculpting and inspirational sentiments. The brand’s minimalist style allows the recipients to interpret the meaning themselves.

While each Willow Tree piece tells a distinct story, common themes unite the collection:

  • Love – Sculptures honoring affection and close bonds.
  • Healing – Figurines promoting recovery, hope, and renewal.
  • Courage – Statues exemplifying resolve, bravery, and confidence.
  • Gratitude – Expressions of thankfulness and joyful reverence.

Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of every Willow Tree figurine in her Kansas City studio. Each sculpture begins as a simple shape that evolves throughout the creative process. The artist often waits until seeing the wood’s natural contours before deciding what image to pull from it.

Castings are then made from Lordi’s original carvings and painted by hand. Realistic details emerge through layers of paint carefully applied by brush. Subtle variations in the finish reflect the handmade quality of each Willow Tree sculpture.

To honor her humble materials, Lordi signs each piece on the bottom. The name Willow Tree originated from her use of willow wood in early figurines. While today’s sculptures are constructed from more durable resin, they remain committed to natural simplicity.

Courageous Joy and all Willow Tree figurines feature durable construction that withstands everyday handling. The neutral monochromatic palette complements any décor. Keep the sculpted surfaces dust-free by occasionally brushing with a soft cloth or brush.

Allow the Courageous Joy sculpture to inspire self-acceptance, confidence, and determination. Willow Tree pieces make treasured gifts that convey heartfelt emotion through intimate body language and minimalist style. Display this empowering figurine as a motivational reminder of inner strength and joyful courage.


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