Willow Tree ‘Forever My Little One’ Figurine – Hand-Painted Resin Statue of Father Holding Child


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Capture the special lifelong bond between a parent and child with the heartwarming ‘Forever My Little One’ figurine from Willow Tree. This beautiful hand-painted resin statue depicts a seated father tenderly cradling his young child in his arms. Their body language and facial expressions convey a deep, unbreakable connection filled with unconditional love.

The touching sentiment “We’ve only just begun… forever my little one” is inscribed on the bottom of the base, summarizing the figurine’s representation of the unique relationship that starts from the moment a child is born. As the years go by, the parent is always there as protector, nurturer, teacher, and comforter. And no matter how old the child gets, they will forever remain the parent’s “little one.”

Hand-Sculpted Original Design

This resin figurine is cast from artist Susan Lordi’s original carving. Since founding Willow Tree in 2000, Susan Lordi has personally carved each piece from her studio in Kansas City, MO to ensure continuity of design integrity. Each sculpture goes through a long creative process from sketches to clay prototypes before the final wood sculpture is created. This attention to detail is what makes Willow Tree designs so special.

The ‘Forever My Little One’ figure is then cast in durable resin from Susan Lordi’s original wood-carved masterpiece. The resin allows for intricate shaping and detailing to be captured. At 4 inches high, this figurine has the perfect tabletop size while remaining substantial and solid in the hand.

Hand-Painted Details

No two Willow Tree resin sculptures are exactly alike since each one is individually hand-painted by accomplished artists. This hand-painting process means slight variations in colors and details may occur. But it gives each figurine uniqueness and character.

The ‘Forever My Little One’ figure features a simple yet beautiful color palette. The father’s shirt is painted in a muted tan color and his pants in an understated grey. This allows the focus to remain on the precious embrace between father and child. The child’s clothing is done in gender-neutral white and green tones. Subtle blush on the child’s cheeks gives a realistic touch.

The faces of the pair are left unpainted to convey universal appeal. People can see themselves and their loved ones in these unnamed figures. Facial features are only suggested with simple engraved lines so emotion and meaning comes through strongly.

Sentimental Home Decor

Willow Tree figurines make perfect sentimental gifts for new parents, grandparents, godparents, baby showers, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas gifts, and more. The ‘Forever My Little One’ sculpture expresses the unique lifelong relationship between any parent and child with touching simplicity.

Display this meaningful resin statue on a mantle, bookcase, end table, windowsill, or shelf to remind you of the special bond you share every time you see it. Let it evoke warm nostalgic feelings as you reflect on cherished moments with your own little one. Its emotional resonance will only grow as the years go by.

Like all Willow Tree sculptures, this piece has a rustic, hand-carved artistry that allows it to complement a wide variety of home or office decor styles. The neutral colors and simplicity of form give it a versatile timeless look.

Gift Box Packaging

The ‘Forever My Little One’ figurine comes carefully packaged in a sturdy gift box ready for convenient gift giving. The packaging has a sleeve that slides off to reveal the Willow Tree logo. Inside, the sculpture is securely protected in foam for safe storage or transportation.

A gift message card also comes included so you can write a personal note to your special recipient if desired. The gift box makes this figure perfect for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, housewarmings, weddings, baby showers, or any occasion.

Made in the USA

Willow Tree angel sculptures are designed, sculpted, cast, painted, and packaged all here in the United States. Susan Lordi oversees every step of the process from her studio in Kansas City, MO. You can be confident you are purchasing an authentic handmade American-crafted product of exceptional quality and care.

Celebrate the Enduring Parent-Child Bond

The ‘Forever My Little One’ figurine makes a thoughtful gift for new parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, and all who have a deep connection to a child. Capture that special lifelong relationship with Susan Lordi’s tender sculpture. Let it serve as a touching reminder of the unique parent-child bond each time you see it displayed.


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