Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Figure – Together Our Family is Home


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Celebrate the joy of family with this finely crafted Willow Tree figurine. Beautifully expressive and intimate, this hand-painted sculpture captures a touching moment between an expecting couple.

Expertly sculpted by artist Susan Lordi, the figures represent a pregnant woman in a cream dress warmly embracing her partner. He is depicted in a cream shirt and blue jeans, as they stand together in anticipation of the new life soon to arrive.

With incredible attention to detail, their facial expressions and body language artfully convey a powerful depth of emotion. As their foreheads touch in a tender gesture, they savor this meaningful time as their family prepares to grow.

The man and woman stand 8.5” high, hand-painted in soft, neutral hues that allow the sculpting and sentiment to take focus. The accompanying enclosure card is inscribed with the heartfelt message “Together, our family is home” – celebrating their unbreakable bond and the sanctuary of their love.

This romantic heirloom carries a timeless significance for any home, making a thoughtful gift to honor relationships between parents and children, grandparents and children, or any growing family. A beautiful addition to Willow Tree Family Groupings.


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