Willow Tree Heart and Soul Figure – A Touching Sculpture Celebrating the Bonds of Friendship


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Open your heart and share your soul with a dear friend. That special bond is beautifully captured in the Willow Tree Heart and Soul figure, a touching sculpture that celebrates the joys of true friendship. Hand-carved by renowned artist Susan Lordi, this intimate piece depicts two women seated together on a bench, faces nearly touching as they share a quiet, tender moment.

Cast from Susan’s original carving and hand-painted for a soft, contemporary look, the 4″ high resin sculpture exudes warmth, comfort, and trust. Both figures wear simple cream-colored dresses as they lean towards each other in a pose of openness and affection. Their body language suggests the ease and solidarity of two souls who have traveled together, cried and laughed together, and fully understand one another.

The women’s gentle demeanor and minimalist style give this work a timeless, universal feel that will appeal to many. Friends, sisters, neighbors and colleagues will all recognize themselves in this sincere tribute to the extraordinary power of friendship. The sculpture’s message of loyalty and support makes it an especially thoughtful gift for your closest girlfriends.

Celebrate All Types of Bonds Between Women

The Willow Tree Heart and Soul figure honors the diverse connections women share – whether best friends since childhood, sisters by birth or choice, trusted co-workers, or mothers and daughters. The depth of these relationships comes not from similarity but from seeing each other clearly and accepting each other fully and unconditionally. This sculpture is a reminder to nurture those rare friendships that feel like coming home.

Sentimental Gift Box Included

To highlight the theme of the sculpture, the Heart and Soul figure is presented lying in a fitted gift box, accompanied by a printed card that reads:

“Open hearts, sharing souls, trusted friends”

This meaningful sentiment, in brushed metallic text, captures the essence of the unbreakable bond this figure represents. It’s a touching detail that makes the Willow Tree sculpture an extra special gift for your closest girlfriend.

An Original Design by Susan Lordi

Artist Susan Lordi hand-carved the prototype for this piece in her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. She personally sculpts each new Willow Tree figure to reflect her own experiences and observations of human emotion and relationships. Lordi finds inspiration in the connections between loved ones, believing that these bonds provide meaning in our lives.

In the Heart and Soul sculpture, she aimed to convey the unique friendship between women – how girlfriends can read each other intuitively and support each other unconditionally. The work exudes warmth, affection, and trust thanks to Lordi’s perceptive study of human nature.

Cast from Lordi’s Carving and Hand-Painted

Each Willow Tree sculpture begins as an original carving by Susan Lordi. She does the initial carving from basswood into the detailed three-dimensional form. This prototype is then sent to a casting company to be reproduced in resin.

Some parts, like the hands and faces, are carefully cast from Lordi’s original wood sculpture to preserve the fingerprint ridges and subtle hand-carved details. The resin casting recreates these touches, allowing you to see the mark of the artist’s hand.

Once cast, each sculpture is hand-painted by accomplished painters. Soft gradations of color are added to replicate the look of hand-tinted bisque or terra cotta. The final piece retains the fine details and artistry of Lordi’s initial carving, with a hand-painted style that gives warmth and approachability.

An Intimate Size for Shared Moments

Measuring just 4 inches high, this diminutive sculpture has an intimate feel perfect for sharing quiet moments with a dear friend. The convenient size allows you to display it in more contained settings where its message will be viewed up close, like on a shelf, side table, mantel, or desk.

Make this heartfelt Willow Tree piece the centerpiece of your next girlfriend gathering. Its touching sentiment is sure to inspire meaningful conversation about the bonds of sisterhood and the remarkable women who lift each other up.

Willow Tree – Celebrating Relationships and Life’s Journey

Heart and Soul is just one of many figural sculptures from Willow Tree, an endearing collection of emotional, highly gift-able pieces. Artist Susan Lordi designs each one to convey the love, friendship, healing, courage, hope, and comfort we experience in relationships. Her figures celebrate these human qualities and the meaningful moments we share.

With simplicity and grace, Willow Tree sculptures express the common experiences and emotions that unite us all. The Heart and Soul figure recognizes the extraordinary power of friendship between women – a relationships as life-giving as the heart itself. Display this resonant piece as a daily reminder to nurture the bonds closest to you.

Product Details:

Sentiment: ”Open hearts, sharing souls, trusted friends” written on Enclosure Card
4”h hand-painted resin seated figure of two women in cream dresses, seated on gray bench, facing each other.
Packaged in fitted box ready for gift-giving.
Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each Willow Tree piece from her studio in Kansas City, MO. This piece is cast from Susan’s original carving and painted by hand.
Ready to display on a shelf, table or mantel.
To clean, dust with soft brush or cloth.

Bring two kindred souls closer with the gift of Willow Tree’s Heart and Soul sculpture. An intimate work honoring the extraordinary power of friendship between women, this hand-carved and painted figure will touch the heart and inspire meaningful connection.


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