Willow Tree Promise Hand-Painted Sculpture of Embracing Couple


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Capture your commitment to each other with the Willow Tree Promise sculpture. This romantic statue depicts a couple locked in a tender embrace, the woman resting her head gently on the man’s shoulder as they sway together. Crafted by award-winning artist Susan Lordi, this hand-painted resin figure makes a meaningful wedding, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone.

Standing 9 inches tall, this elegant sculpture features a woman in a cream-colored dress, her arms wrapped around the neck of the man in a cream shirt and dark pants as they dance cheek to cheek. Their eyes are closed and their bodies pressed together, evoking a sense of true intimacy and connection. Lordi’s distinctive style uses minimal facial features to allow you to imagine the emotions being conveyed.

The Promise sculpture comes packaged in a fitted box ready for gift giving, complete with an enclosure card inscribed with the touching sentiment “Hold dear the promise of love.” A wedding or anniversary gift your spouse will cherish for years to come, it conveys your dedication and commitment to one another through the symbolic act of embracing.

Each original Willow Tree sculpture begins as a carving by Susan Lordi in her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. She hand sculpts the figures from her imagination, instilling them with grace and poise. This attention to detail is evident in the flowing dress and sensitively rendered posture of the couple as they hold one another.

Cast from Susan Lordi’s original carving, the Promise statue is then hand-painted by accomplished artisans. Soft neutral hues enhance the natural contours and textures of the resin. The brushwork adds dimension, bringing out nuances of light and shadow on the couple’s clothing and in their hair. Subtle variations in shading lend realism and depth to the fluid stances.

At 9 inches high, this slender sculpture has a small footprint perfect for display on a mantle, bookshelf, tabletop, or desk. The neutral cream colors complement both traditional and contemporary home decors from coastal to farmhouse to modern. An ideal sculpture for a living room, bedroom, or office, it adds an elegant focal point and reminds you daily of your shared affection.

As a decorative accent piece, this slim statuette features minimalist styling that focuses attention on the loving embrace. The clean simple lines ensure it doesn’t clutter the display space. A romantic anniversary or Valentine’s gift, it also makes a thoughtful wedding present for a bride or groom, bridesmaid, or groomsman.

Willow Tree sculptures make wonderful gifts for those you love most. The intimate nature of this piece makes it especially meaningful for anniversaries or other occasions honoring your relationship. Visually pleasing as well as sentimental, this handsome statuette will be proudly shown off for years to come.

About Willow Tree:

Willow Tree hand-carved sculptures convey messages of love, hope, courage, and comfort. Artist Susan Lordi’s timeless designs grace homes and hearts around the world. She finds inspiration for her work in human emotions and personal connections.

Lordi launched Willow Tree in 2000 from her rural studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Each original sculpture begins as her hands-on clay carving reflecting her artistic vision. Today, a select team of artists bring her concepts to life through painting. They meticulously hand-paint each piece, enhancing the subtle charm imbued by Lordi.

The Willow Tree aesthetic is minimalist, yet full of expression and meaning.neutral facial features allow viewers to envision the emotions being conveyed. Graceful silhouettes and warm organic textures connect people through the power of human touch. These heartfelt designs are treasured for their simplicity, honesty, and beauty.

Willow Tree sculptures make personalized gifts for life’s most meaningful moments – new babies, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirement, or comfort in difficult times. They also make inspiring additions to the home with their tranquil, healing presence. Display them solo or grouped for a collection that reflects what matters most.

Each Willow Tree piece arrives gift boxed with a card bearing words selected by Susan Lordi to complement the sculpture’s message. Willow Tree sculptures represent qualities we aspire to in relationships – love, closeness, mutual understanding, patience, trust, and perseverance. These meaningful designs promise to be gifted, displayed, and cherished always.


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