Willow Tree Promise Musical Figurine – A Beautifully Handcrafted Sculpture That Plays Canon in D


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This stunning figurine from Willow Tree captures the magic of a couple’s devotion in an intricately detailed sculpture that also fills your home with beautiful music. Expertly crafted by artist Susan Lordi, this piece epitomizes Willow Tree’s commitment to bringing heartfelt emotion and tender intimacy to 3D art.

The 8-inch tall sculpture depicts a couple locked in a graceful embrace, heads tilted together as if sharing a tender moment. The woman is dressed in an elegant cream-colored gown with intricate detailing on the bodice and flowing skirt. Her partner is smartly dressed in a cream shirt and dark pants, his arms wrapped gently around the woman’s waist. The intimate body language speaks volumes about the affection and commitment these two share.

But unlike a stationary sculpture, this artistic treasure comes alive with music and motion. As the sculpture slowly rotates on its circular wood base, it plays the timeless melodies of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major – a beautiful musical accompaniment to the promise of love depicted in the sculpture. The rich notes of this classical masterpiece fill your living space with charm and romance.

An Heirloom-Quality Sculpture Infused With Meaning

Willow Tree sculptures have become cherished collectibles thanks to their heirloom quality craftsmanship and ability to convey deep emotional resonance through subtle expressions and body language. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves each original piece in her Kansas City studio, working the clay with her hands to create amazing lifelike details. Castings of her work are then hand-painted one at a time.

This exceptional care and attention to detail are obvious in the Promise sculpture. Subtle variations in the paint bring out textures and contours, from the graceful pleats and folds of the bride’s dress to the tiny creases and seams in the groom’s pant legs. Tiny brush strokes in the hair and even delicate eyebrows create astonishing realism. These two figures truly seem to be in motion, not just frozen in an embrace.

The circular base is also hand-painted in a warm antique cream finish that complements the figures perfectly. And the integrated music box mechanism housed discreetly within plays a tinkling rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major, one of the most famous and emotional works in the classical repertoire. Every aspect combines masterfully to create a multi-sensory work of art.

An Embrace to Symbolize Everlasting Love

The Promise sculpture carries a message of commitment and hope for the future, making it a deeply meaningful gift for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, and other occasions celebrating relationships. The tender pose reflects values of patience, understanding, trust and devotion.

The enclosed card reads “Hold dear the promise of love”, a sentiment that perfectly captures the spirit of this sculpture. For couples embarking on a lifelong relationship, this piece will be a continuous reminder of the joy and beauty they have found in one another. Its timeless beauty will be appreciated for generations to come.

Celebrate Life’s Treasured Moments with Willow Tree

Willow Tree sculptures grace the homes of collectors worldwide who have found meaning and inspiration in Susan Lordi’s ability to reveal inner beauty through her art. The Promise Musical sculpture is just one of many breathtaking designs available. Here are just a few more favorites:

  • Forever Friends – Two girls giggling with heads together in a portrait of childhood friendship.
  • Baby’s First Christmas – Parents cradling a newborn to celebrate the wonder of the holiday season.
  • Anniversary Waltz – An elegant couple dancing cheek to cheek as a musical carousel rotates.
  • Angel of Friendship – An angel with open arms welcoming a loved one into her warm embrace.

Willow Tree sculptures recognize the shared human experiences and emotions that connect us all. The Promise Musical sculpture is just one beautiful way to commemorate treasured relationships and the moments that defined them. Let this heirloom-quality work of art fill your home with music, motion and meaning that will be cherished for generations.


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