Wilton Fanci Flow 3-Tier Cake Waterfall Fountain


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Bring an elegant flowing water decoration to any special occasion with the Wilton Fanci Flow 3-Tier Cake Waterfall Fountain. This compact tabletop water fountain is specially designed to accent tiered cakes up to 13 x 9 inches. With three gentle waterfalls cascading down and a lighted base, it creates a dazzling cake display for birthdays, weddings, holidays and more.

The Fanci Flow fountain brings the serene beauty of flowing water right to your tabletop. Measuring just 13 x 9 inches, it fits nicely under a 3-tier cake stand to highlight your culinary masterpiece. The three gentle waterfalls add graceful movement and sparkle. When lit from below by the included LED light in the base, the cascades glow like liquid light. It’s a stunning accent for cakes and cupcakes, creating a presentation worthy of any special celebration.

This versatile tabletop fountain can also be used on its own as a centerpiece decoration. Place it in the middle of your holiday table to delight guests. The crystal clear cascades shine like liquid glass when illuminated. For an enchanting display, adorn with scattered flower petals or floating candles. Use it to add a serene ambiance to any table setting, from elegant formal dinners to backyard barbecues.

The Fanci Flow fountain includes an adjustable water flow switch for full control over the three gentle waterfalls. Easily adjust the flow speed from a delicate trickle to a more pronounced cascade. Set it to the perfect speed for your occasion. Keeping the waterfalls flowing at a slower, relaxed pace helps minimize splash for a clean, worry-free display.

Designed for indoor use, this compact fountain brings graceful water movement into any indoor setting. At just 7.5 inches high and 9 inches in diameter, it has a small footprint that fits anywhere. The transparent polyethylene construction prevents water stains. An internal water pump continuously recirculates water to keep the cascades flowing. Simply plug it in, fill with water and enjoy up to 4 hours of continuous soothing water sound and motion.

Decorating a stunning tiered cake? Accenting a holiday table? Add a touch of elegance with the sound and shine of flowing water. The Wilton Fanci Flow 3-Tier Cake Waterfall Fountain creates a dazzling display for any occasion. Bring the beauty of water indoors in a compact tabletop size.

Product Features:

  • Tabletop fountain with 3 gentle waterfalls cascading down, accented by lighted base
  • Measures 13 x 9 inches – fits nicely under 3-tier cakes up to 13 x 9 inches
  • Perfect centerpiece and decoration for tiered cakes, cupcakes, holiday tables
  • Waterfalls glow with LED light in the base – enchanting cascading light effect
  • Adjustable water flow control switch – set the perfect flow speed
  • 7.5 inch high fountain with small 9 inch diameter footprint
  • Transparent polyethylene material prevents water stains
  • Internal water pump recirculates water to keep cascades flowing
  • Runs up to 4 hours continuously on a single fill of water
  • Indoor use only – brings water decoration inside
  • Plug in, fill with water and enjoy the soothing sound of flowing water

A flowing water fountain brings natural beauty and serenity indoors. For a dazzling cake or cupcake display, the Wilton Fanci Flow 3-Tier Cake Waterfall Fountain accents your creation with cascading illumination. The gentle waterfalls add enchanting movement and shine to holiday tables and more. Adjust the water flow speed and light effects to create the perfect presentation.

Compact and self-contained, this tabletop fountain is easy to use anywhere. The included water pump recirculates water to keep the falls endlessly flowing. Just plug it in, fill with water and it provides up to 4 hours of continuous cascading water motion.

Give your special occasion an elegant focal point. The sound and shimmer of flowing water elevates any setting. For birthdays, Mother’s Day, weddings, Christmas and everyday celebrations, the Fanci Flow Cake Waterfall Fountain adds a graceful liquid light accent.

Decorate, illuminate and accentuate in dazzling flowing style. Bring the beauty of water to your tabletop with this compact fountain. Surprise and delight your guests with cascading waterfalls at your next event. Add a brilliant touch of magic when you display cakes, cupcakes and other treats with the Wilton Fanci Flow 3-Tier Cake Waterfall Fountain.


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