Withings Body – Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale with Automatic App Sync for the Whole Family


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Track your weight and health goals with the Withings Body Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale. This innovative scale provides in-depth analysis of your weight, BMI, body fat and more to help you achieve your wellness objectives.

Advanced Weight and Health Monitoring

The Withings Body Scale goes beyond simply displaying your weight. It provides key insights into your health using position control technology and auto-syncing with the Health Mate app.

Each time you step on the scale, it uses advanced position control to guide you into the optimal stance. This ensures that each measurement is accurate to 0.1 kg/0.2 lbs. It then automatically syncs your data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the Health Mate app on your smartphone or tablet.

The app allows you to track your weight trends over time. You can view graphs and get a big picture view of your progress. It also calculates your BMI to help you understand if you are at a healthy weight. Withings Body provides the metrics you need to meet your fitness objectives.

Multi-User Friendly for the Whole Family

The Withings Body Scale supports up to 8 users, making it easy for families to track their health together. Each time you step on the scale, it instantly recognizes you and stores your measurements under your profile.

It can store up to 16 readings offline if it is temporarily unable to sync. So you never miss a weigh-in. The Health Mate app keeps all data private and only shares it with the user.

Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Mode

The Body scale helps you track important changes during pregnancy and your child’s early years. The integrated pregnancy tracker provides healthy weight gain ranges and obstetrician-reviewed advice for each stage.

Once your baby is born, turn on Baby Mode. It lets you easily monitor your child’s growth and provides CDC percentile rankings for height and weight.

Seamless Integration with Top Apps

The Withings Body scale automatically syncs your data with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit and 100+ health and fitness apps. All your weight measurements seamlessly upload to your chosen platforms.

The scale also works with Alexa. Just say “Alexa, ask Withings” to get your latest weight report and control your scale with your voice.

Convenient Design

Withings Body has a stylish, slim profile that looks elegant in any home. It’s easy to move from room to room or take with you when traveling.

The scale runs on 4 AAA batteries that provide up to 18 months of use before needing replacement. Setup only takes a few minutes using your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth.

Withings – The Pioneer in Smart Scales

Withings pioneered the world’s first Wi-Fi scale in 2009. For over a decade, they have led the market in smart scale innovation with advanced features for health tracking. Withings Body scale combines sleek, modern styling with the latest technology to help you meet your fitness goals.

Key Features:

  • Automatic syncing via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with Health Mate app
  • Position control technology provides accurate weight up to 0.1 kg/0.2 lbs
  • Multi-user support for up to 8 users with automatic recognition
  • BMI and weight trend tracking over time
  • Pregnancy tracker and baby mode for children
  • Sync data with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit and 100+ apps
  • Get voice reports using Alexa
  • Up to 18 month battery life (4 AAA batteries included)
  • Modern, slim profile in black color

Bring comprehensive weight and health tracking into your home with the Withings Body Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale. Monitor your weight trends and meet goals for the whole family.


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