WITHINGS Body Smart – Advanced Wi-Fi Smart Scale for Precise Weight and Body Composition Tracking


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Track your health and fitness journey to success with the WITHINGS Body Smart Scale. This innovative smart scale provides in-depth body composition analysis, monitoring 8 key metrics to give you a comprehensive understanding of your health.

Going beyond just weight, the Body Smart scale uses advanced algorithms to precisely measure your muscle mass, water percentage, bone mass, fat mass, BMI, protein amount, body type, and standing heart rate. The scale even calculates your visceral fat rating, an important new metric that can reveal excess belly fat that puts you at risk for metabolic abnormalities.

This smart scale makes it easy to track all your vital health metrics from the convenience of your home bathroom. The Body Smart scale automatically syncs your data via WiFi or Bluetooth to the intuitive Health Mate app, where you can view simple graphs and trends over time. Monitoring your body composition allows you to see small changes that normal scales miss, giving you the insights you need to reach your diet, fitness, and wellness goals.

Weighing yourself daily provides awareness into your hydration levels and calorie needs. Watching the trends over weeks and months helps keep your weight management on track. The Body Smart scale empowers you to know your body better than ever before.

Key Features:

Highly precise weight and 8 body composition metrics: weight, muscle & bone mass, fat & water percentage, BMI, protein amount, visceral fat
Athlete mode to track weight without body comp metrics
Recognition and tracking for unlimited users
Baby weighing mode avoids electromagnetic emission for infant safety
Pregnancy tracker follows weight gain and progress
WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity syncs data automatically to app
Compatible with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit and more
Sleek tempered glass design with color display
Runs on 3 AAA batteries for up to 12 months
Withings is the pioneer of the smart scale, inventing the category back in 2009. For over a decade, our body analysis scales have helped millions of customers worldwide track their health and stay motivated to reach their goals.

The WITHINGS Body Smart scale provides unmatched precision through advanced BI-A technology. Sensors under the scale measure electrical resistance to determine body composition as you stand on the scale. Readings are extremely accurate with a weight precision of +/- 50g.

Setup is quick and easy through the intuitive Health Mate app available for iOS and Android devices. The scale supports up to 8 users with automatic user recognition when you step on the scale. Data is transmitted via your home WiFi network for seamless tracking. Bluetooth is also available for syncing.

The Health Mate app lets you view your data in simplified graphs and charts. You’ll gain insights over time into how your body weight and composition are trending. Set goals, join programs, and connect with apps and fitness trackers like Apple Health for a comprehensive view of your health.

While most scales only tell you your weight, WITHINGS goes way beyond the norm with advanced body metrics that help you achieve next-level health. Make every day feel like a doctor’s checkup with the WITHINGS Body Smart Composition WiFi Smart Scale!


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