Woven Seagrass Wall Baskets – Set of 6


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Bring a touch of coastal charm and natural elegance into your home with this set of 6 handwoven seagrass wall baskets. Artfully crafted by skilled artisans in Vietnam, each unique basket is intricately handwoven using natural seagrass for an organic, textured look. Ranging in size from 7.78 to 13 inches wide, this complete set allows you to create a striking display on any wall in your home.

Inspired by the laidback allure of beach cottages and bohemian abodes, these wall baskets infuse spaces with warmth, texture, and coziness. The neutral tan and white color palette blends easily into both monochromatic and vibrant color schemes, complementing furnishings from modern to farmhouse. Hang the baskets in your living room to store remote controls and tech accessories out of sight but within reach. Cluster them in the kitchen to stash cooking utensils, towels, or fresh produce from the market. Use them in the bathroom to organize soaps, lotions, and other toiletries. Let your creativity run wild – the possibilities are endless!

Every basket in this set is handcrafted start to finish by talented artisans in Vietnam who use traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations. Skillful hands cut and prepare the natural seagrass fibers, then meticulously weave each basket into its distinct shape. The artisanal construction gives these wall baskets their one-of-a-kind character and ensures no two are exactly the same.

The neutral tan and white plastic cord details add subtle contrast while also reinforcing each basket for sturdiness and durability. Each basket comes ready to hang with a built-in woven hook on the back. We’ve also included template guides in the packaging to help you easily mark where you want to hang your baskets for a flawless accent wall or display.

Bring coastal charm home to any room with these natural woven wall baskets. Their textural allure adds warmth and personality anywhere you hang them. With an easy-to-install design and neutral palette, these baskets make an effortlessly chic addition to living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, entryways, and more. Why stick with boring old wall art when you can showcase gorgeous handcrafted baskets?

From seaside cottages to urban apartments, this wall basket set fits right in. Here are just a few ways to decorate with these versatile woven baskets:

  • Bathroom – Hang over the toilet, in the shower, or on the wall next to sinks. Store extra toilet paper, shampoos, soaps, lotions, and other toiletries.
  • Bedroom – Cluster above nightstands or dressers for a textural accent wall. Use to hold jewelry, watches, headphones, books, and more.
  • Entryway – Hang near the door for key hooks, mask storage, or to catch daily clutter.
  • Kitchen – Display over appliances or the kitchen sink. Store cooking utensils, towels, or fruits & veggies.
  • Living Room – Arrange around the TV, above the couch, or clustered in unused wall space. Ideal for remote controls, blankets, magazines, and knickknacks you want out of sight but within reach.
  • Home Office – Hang around your workstation to organize pens, supplies, tech accessories, and other desk paraphernalia.

With an overall neutral palette, this coastal wall basket set pairs perfectly with any style and color scheme. The natural seagrass brings organic warmth and texture to balance sleek modern decor, complement bold eclectic rooms, or accentuate the laidback charm of boho spaces. Wherever you choose to display them, these baskets enhance walls with artisanal allure.

Each basket is woven from start to finish by hand, so slight variations in size, shape, and color are to be expected. These idiosyncrasies reflect the traditional handcrafting process and are part of the baskets’ unique artisan charm. Upon opening, you may notice a light natural aroma from the seagrass material. Simply air them out for a few hours and the scent will dissipate.

Bring a touch of breezy coastal style to your walls with these neutral woven seagrass baskets. Their textural handwoven look infuses warmth and bohemian flair anywhere you hang them. Display in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, entryway, or home office as charming wall storage and decor. Let your creative spirit run wild with these versatile baskets!


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