Wubbies Salon Towels by Graham Beauty (Case of 10)


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Keep your clients clean, dry, and comfortable with Wubbies Salon Towels by Graham Beauty. This case of 10 economical 12″ x 24″ salon towels provides excellent neck protection and absorption for perms, color services, and more. Wubbies are strong, soft, and ideal for blotting excess moisture and protecting skin and hair from drips and spills.

Economical and Absorbent Salon Towels

Salon owners know that towels are a big expense when running a hair salon. Wubbies Salon Towels help keep your costs down without sacrificing quality. The 100% cotton construction is soft yet durable, and the 12″ x 24″ size is perfect for wrapping around the neck during perms and colors. Each towel can withstand repeated washing and heat from hair dryers while maintaining its absorbency and soft feel.

When you’re performing multiple chemical services a day, the last thing you want is excess moisture dripping onto your clients’ skin and clothes. Just tuck a Wubbie towel into the neckline of the cape to catch drips and blot as needed. The generous size gives you plenty of coverage. Once the service is complete, use a clean dry section to pat hair before styling.

Protect Skin and Hair During Chemical Services

Trust Wubbies Salon Towels to keep your clients comfortable and their skin protected. The neck is a sensitive area, and perm chemicals, hair color, bleaches, and other processing solutions can irritate if left on the skin. Tucking a Wubbie towel around the hairline quickly absorbs any drips running down the neck and prevents skin irritation.

Wubbies are also ideal for protecting previously treated hair. For retouch jobs, cover already permed or colored tresses with a folded towel to keep chemicals from overlapping. The cotton material also helps prevent transfer of color from darker hair to lighter hair when foiling. Your clients will appreciate the care you put into keeping their hair and skin safe.

Soft Comfort Your Clients Will Love

Your clients deserve to feel pampered, and Wubbies Salon Towels deliver comforting softness. The 100% cotton material feels gentle against the skin without any irritation from tags or overly stiff fabric. Whether performing a relaxing scalp massage or providing neck support during a shampoo, a Wubbie towel feels heavenly.

Of course, the softness also makes Wubbies the perfect blotting towel. Gently pat to soak up excess moisture from the hair and skin after rinsing perm and color chemicals. The touch is light and soothing on the neck. Wubbies are also great for blotting wet hair before styling to cut down on blow dry time.

Durable, Washable Cotton

Wubbies Salon Towels are made to withstand repeated use, washing, and heat styling. The tightly woven 100% cotton is strong enough to handle regular wear and tear in the salon. It holds up well to bleach and other cleaning agents used for sanitizing. Of course, heat is no match for Wubbies either. The cotton material can handle hot blow drying and repeated cycles in the commercial dryer.

Enjoy the high quality and durability of Wubbies while keeping replacement costs down. With proper laundering, each towel can be used for several months by multiple clients. Just wash with similar colors and dry completely on medium or high heat between uses. Avoid fabric softener which can reduce absorbency over time.

Convenient Case of 10 Towels

Never run out of clean neck towels again with a convenient 10 pack case of Wubbies Salon Towels. The case fits neatly under a station or on a shelf for easy access. Pull out fresh towels as needed throughout the day and throw used ones into the laundry.

At the end of the day, the remaining clean towels can be kept in the case until the next shift. You’ll always know right where to find them when it’s time to open. Plus, the bulk case allows you to stock up so you never have to worry about running low.

Order Your Wubbies Salon Towels Today!

Pamper your clients in affordable luxury with Wubbies Salon Towels. These economical and absorbent towels are ideal for perms, colors, blotting, and more. Protect skin and hair, soak up drips, and provide soft neck comfort with strong, durable cotton. Plus, the convenient case of 10 makes it easy to keep salon stations stocked. Order your supply of Wubbies today!


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