WypAll PowerClean Heavy Duty Industrial Wipes – Extended Use Blue Shop Towels (475 Sheets Per Roll, 1 Roll)


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Keep your workspace spotless with the heavy duty cleaning power of WypAll PowerClean X80 Industrial Wipes. These versatile blue shop towels are ideal for commercial and industrial use, absorbing even the toughest messes quickly and efficiently.

Extended Use Design

Each jumbo roll comes packed with 475 durable and lint-free sheets, providing 3 times less lint than standard rental shop towels. That’s 475 wipes ready to tackle big spills, dripping machinery, greasy auto parts, and other messy jobs. With an extra thick and textured weave, these cloths stand up to heavy duty wiping and scrubbing without falling apart.

Superior Absorbency

Specially engineered to absorb more liquid and trap dirt, grime, and oils better than regular shop rags. The unique Hydroknit material technology locks in moisture and wicks it away from surfaces, leaving them clean and dry. These industrial paper towels soak up to 3 times more fluid than cotton shop towels.

Strong When Wet

Don’t let its absorbent properties fool you. The durable cloth material maintains its strength and tearing resistance even when saturated. Use these wipes on abrasive surfaces and friction-heavy tasks without leaving behind a bunch of shredded lint and fuzz.

Consistent Performance

No more grabbing a clean section hoping it will do the job. Each fresh sheet is blank and ready to wipe down equipment, machinery, finished products, tools, and other commercial surfaces. Pull perforated sheets cleanly from the roll whenever you need a new wipe.

Versatile Cleaning Uses

Wiping down heavy machinery and power tools
Cleaning auto shop parts and garage surfaces
Absorbing industrial spills and drips
Removing grime, grease, and oil from factory equipment
General wiping tasks around the shop or warehouse
Don’t waste money on rental shop towels or settle for flimsy paper towels for your business. Equip your workspace with the cleaning power of WypAll PowerClean Industrial Wipes. Their rugged durability, high absorbency, and lint-free construction make these the ideal choice for mechanics, factories, body shops, machine shops, and other industrial settings.


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