WypAll X80 Industrial Strength Cleaning Cloths


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Tackle the Toughest Cleanup Jobs with Ease Using WypAll X80 Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloths

As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your equipment and workspace clean. Grease, oil, dust and grime not only make your shop look unprofessional, but can cause damage over time. However, cleaning tough industrial messes can take a lot of time, effort, and waste. Stop wasting money on flimsy generic rags and underperforming paper towels for heavy duty cleaning. Equip your shop with the innovative WypAll X80 Extended Use Cleaning Cloths, engineered for superior absorption and durability.

Absorb More. Stay Stronger.

WypAll X80 cloths soak up 3 times more liquid than standard rental shop towels, thanks to proprietary Hydroknit technology. The unique open weave structure instantly grabs oil, grease, solvents, water and more on contact. Far superior to textile rags that push around grime, these cloths trap it quickly. Fewer cloth changes means you save time and hassle.

Despite their incredible absorbency, WypAll X80 cloths are highly durable. They can withstand tough scrubbing on rough workshop surfaces, equipment, machinery and parts without falling apart. 3 times stronger than common shop rags, each cloth retains integrity use after use so you get more life from every sheet. The durable weave also produces less lint and particles versus other disposable wipes.

Consistency You Can Count On

Frustrated with the inconsistency of rag quality and absorbency? WypAll X80 industrial wipes perform reliably every time. Their uniquePop-Up dispensing box provides easy, one-handed access to remove individual cloths. Each wipe comes out flat and ready to use. No more fighting with tangled rags or scrambling to find a clean spot! The specially engineered non-perforated edge also prevents snagging on surfaces.

With 475 generously sized sheets per resealable jumbo roll, each durable WypAll X80 cloth delivers consummate cleaning performance. Throw the used wipe away after soaking up grime and oils during maintenance, machinery cleaning, spill control and more.

The Industral Shop Wipes for Tough Tasks

Equip your auto shop, garage, factory, warehouse or other business with the cleaning cloths trusted by over 90,000 manufacturing, aerospace, transportation and industrial companies worldwide. Here are just some of the ways WypAll X80 Extended Use Cloths make your cleanup activities easier:

– Equipment Maintenance: From glass to gauges, quickly wipe away grease, exhaust fluid, oils and more from machinery without scratching.

– Tool Cleaning: Remove metal shavings, lubricants, dust and debris from hand tools, power tools, workbenches and more.

– Spill Control: These highly absorbent cloths rapidly soak up leaks, drips and puddles of oils, solvents, chemicals, water and other liquids.

– Surface Wiping: Scrub factory and warehouse floors, work surfaces, railings, vehicles and other areas without shredding.

– Hand Cleaning: Mechanics can thoroughly clean and degrease their hands after handling filthy engine parts and components.

Choose the Shop Wipe Trusted By Pros

MRO distributors nationwide carry WypAll X80 Extended Use Cleaning Cloths. This jumbo roll’s 475 generously sized sheets offer versatile cleaning of liquids, dust, debris and more. Absorb 3X more than standard shop towels for greater efficiency. Stay 3X stronger than common rented shop rags for heavy duty scrubbing. Reduce lint versus paper towels. Save time, money and hassle with no more cloth deterioration or variability. Your business relies on quality tools and equipment – rely on the WypAll brand.


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