XcE Teak Bathtub Caddy Tray – Extendable to 105cm with Book Stand and Accessory Slots


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Relax in total comfort with the XcE Teak Bathtub Caddy Tray. This spacious caddy tray is crafted from premium teak wood and specially designed to fit most standard bathtubs. It features extendable sides that adjust from 59cm to 105cm, providing plenty of room for you and your partner to enjoy a soothing soak together.

The XcE bathtub caddy has two side trays that slide outward, adjustable to your desired width. Each tray provides space for a book, tablet, phone, drink, bath accessories, and more. No need to precariously balance items on the tub’s edge and risk them falling into the water. This caddy keeps everything within easy reach.

At the center is an upright book stand, perfect for hands-free reading. Prop up your tablet, e-reader, or latest page-turner and enjoy it at eye-level. No more struggling to hold heavy books or keep smaller devices from slipping underwater.

The trays also have slots to hold your bath accessories upright, from loofahs to razors, bubble bath to candles. Keep your tub essentials organized and nearby.

This teak bathtub caddy is made sustainably, with gorgeous natural wood grain patterns. Teak is naturally water-resistant as well as antimicrobial, preventing mold or mildew growth. Your caddy will last for years of daily use. Its rich color and smooth sanded finish add a touch of spa-like luxury to your home bathroom.

The bottom of the caddy has a non-slip silicone pad to prevent sliding on smooth tub surfaces. Adjustable metal handles allow you to secure the caddy tray firmly in place. Fill up the tub, slide the handles out to fit your tub width, and this caddy won’t budge.

Key Features

  • Crafted from premium solid teak wood
  • Naturally antimicrobial and water-resistant
  • Two side trays slide outward from 59cm to 105cm width
  • Upright book stand for hands-free reading
  • Slots to hold bath accessories upright
  • Non-slip silicone bottom pad
  • Adjustable metal handles secure it in place

Spacious Design Accommodates Two People

The extra-wide design provides plenty of surface area for you and a partner to share. Each extendable tray is large enough to hold a glass of wine, book, loofah, and more for each person.

Enjoy a relaxing soak together without having to balance items precariously on the tub edge or a single crowded tray. This caddy offers personalized space for two.

Perfect for Reading Hands-Free

The upright book stand is situated right in the middle for easy access. Prop up your book or tablet at eye-level for comfortable reading. Adjust the stand to your ideal angle and say goodbye to sore wrists or dropping items in the water.

Many bathtub caddies only have flat trays, causing you to struggle to both hold and see your book. This caddy takes the hassle out of bathtub reading by providing an angled upright stand. Your book is visible and secure.

Keeps Essentials Within Reach

The XcE teak bathtub caddy is thoughtfully designed with slots and compartments to keep all your bath necessities organized and nearby.

The side trays have slots to stand up razors, loofahs, brushes, and more. No more fishing around under bubbles to find your razor. The center slots are perfect for bath oils, bubble bath, or candles.

Having your soaps, razors, towels, and more within arm’s reach makes your self-care bath as convenient as it is relaxing. Never again get frustrated rummaging around for a lost accessory.

Premium Teak is Beautiful and Functional

Constructed from gorgeous solid teak, this caddy adds a touch of spa-luxury to your bathroom. Teak has a rich wood grain and color that develops a beautiful patina over time.

Teak’s natural oils make it water-resistant and antimicrobial. It won’t warp or crack when exposed to moisture like other woods. A high-quality teak caddy tray will last for many years of daily baths.

The smooth sanded finish is gentle on your arms and won’t snag your towels. Teak provides both beauty and functionality for the ultimate bath accessory.

Won’t Slip or Slide

Thanks to the non-slip silicone bottom pad, this teak caddy stays securely in place on smooth tub surfaces. No more dealing with your tray sliding around or tipping over.

Simply adjust the built-in metal handles to the width of your tub. The handles brace the caddy on each end and hold it firmly in position.

Bath time is for relaxation. This caddy takes the worry out of your tray sliding into the water or dumping its contents.

Designed to Fit Most Bathtubs

With adjustable handles and extra-wide tray expansion, the XcE teak bathtub caddy is designed to fit most standard tubs.

The trays expand from 59cm to 105cm (23″ to 41″) wide. This can accommodate the widths of most average sized tubs. Measure across your tub ledges to ensure the caddy will fit.

The metal handles slide inward and outward to brace the caddy firmly against your tub walls. Get a custom fit in your bathtub.

Give yourself the gift of a soothing spa-like soak. Bring the XcE Teak Bathtub Caddy Tray into your bathroom and enjoy books, drinks, and accessories conveniently close at hand.


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