XHJRI Soft Cushion Knot Pillow, The Cozy and Versatile Accent Your Home Needs


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Give your home decor a cozy upgrade with the XHJRI knot pillow. This braided cotton rope pillow adds a touch of texture and style to any room. At 157 inches long, it’s the perfect size to use in a variety of ways. Drape it along the back of a sofa or across the arm for a boho chic look. Use it to fill the gap between your bed and the wall so you don’t lose your phone at night. Or bunch and coil it in a chair or corner to create an inviting reading nook. However you use it, this soft braided pillow brings visual interest and a extra dose of comfort.

Cozy Cotton Covering

This decorative knot pillow features a super soft plush cover that envelopes the twisted cotton rope interior. It has a subtle sheen that adds to the visual appeal. The smooth surface and squishy fill make it pleasing to touch. You’ll love running your fingers along the bumpy knots. The white color scheme gives it a clean, neutral look that goes with any style of decor. It will blend seamlessly whether your home leans traditional, modern farmhouse or eclectic bohemian.

High-Quality Materials

This knotted cotton throw pillow is expertly hand crafted to last. The interior filler consists of tightly wound hypoallergenic PP cotton. This gives it a full, fluffy feel that regains its shape even with regular use. The cotton rope maintains its twisted form without excess loosening over time. The outer cover is durable to withstand daily handling. All materials meet certification standards and are completely safe for adults, kids and pets.

Multipurpose Accent Piece

This long knot pillow isn’t just for looks. It also adds functionality in several areas around your home. Here are some of the many ways to utilize this versatile accent piece:

  • Fills awkward gaps and spaces between furniture
  • Provides back support when sitting in bed
  • Defines spaces and brings visual interest to corners
  • Protects children by cushioning hard floors as play spaces
  • Makes the perfect background for taking photos and videos
  • Adds a cozy feel when lounging on the sofa or floor
  • Forms a bumper so you don’t lose things between the bed and wall
  • Built in handle makes it easy to carry and arrange

With endless uses, this decorative knotted pillow will quickly become your new home decor MVP.

Customizable Lengths

One of the great things about this braided cotton pillow is you can choose the perfect size for your needs. It comes in several length options:

  • 39 inches – Ideal for small gaps or as a lumbar support
  • 79 inches – Fits nicely across chairs, benches and twin beds
  • 118 inches – Perfect for larger spaces like queen and king beds
  • 157 inches – An extra long accent that can be manipulated into various formations

Carefully measure your space before selecting the length. The standard diameter is 4.7 inches thick and dense enough to hold its shape. This twisted cotton rope pillow ships vacuum compressed for convenience but fluffs up nice and full once unpacked.

High Quality Construction

Each braided cotton throw pillow is hand crafted through a careful production process. The hollow PP cotton filler starts as a loose mass that gets tightly packed into the cords. It maintains its stuffed look and feel even with regular fluffing and handling. The knots are evenly spaced down the length of the rope and won’t come undone.

The outer cover features detailed double stitching for durability. It’s made from a plush polyester microfiber that’s soft and suited for daily use. The textured looped surface adds visual appeal while being nice to touch. The white color features minimal dye for a light and airy look. This premium construction ensures the pillow maintains its integrity for years of enjoyment.

The Perfect Gift

Give the gift of cozy with this decorative cotton knotted pillow. It makes a thoughtful present for just about anyone on your list. Its versatility suits it for men, women, teens and kids. It’s sure to delight dads and grads who just moved into a new home. Send one off to college to brighten up a dorm room. Offer it as a housewarming gift or wedding present that gets regular use. Even those who seem to have everything will appreciate this functional accent piece.

Simple Styling

This braided pillow is decorative yet understated to blend with any room. It adds natural texture and visual interest without overpowering a space. The white coloring keeps it neutral so it complements both light and dark color schemes. Feel free to add your own flair by piling on patterned throw blankets and complementary pillows. Or let the rope design stand out on its own as a subtle boho element.

However you choose to style it, this soft braided cotton pillow brings your furniture together in a cohesive way. It turns empty areas into attractive vignettes for a pulled together look. Design around it, layer over it or let it speak for itself. With endless possibilities, you’re sure to find your perfect placement.

Give your home decor character with the XHJRI knot braided cotton pillow. Its quality materials and versatile design make it a functional and stylish addition. Choose your ideal size and start enjoying this cozy accent piece today.


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