XOHYW Wall Mount Clear Acrylic Literature Rack, Holds Brochures, Magazines, and More


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Keep your waiting room, office, or lobby neat and organized with this sleek and modern clear acrylic literature rack from XOHYW. This wall-mounted rack provides an elegant way to store and display brochures, magazines, catalogs, and more while freeing up valuable table and counter space.

Made from durable 5mm thick acrylic, this lightweight rack is crystal clear allowing the vibrant colors of your reading materials to shine through. The clean, transparent acrylic integrates seamlessly into any décor and won’t block or distract from your interior design. Plus, the acrylic won’t warp or discolor over time like cheaper plastic racks.

With a slim 1.4 inch profile, this space-saving rack hangs flush against the wall and has a smooth surface that’s easy to wipe down. The rounded corners and edges ensure this display is safe for high traffic areas. No more worrying about sharp corners snagging clothes or little fingers getting hurt.

Organize your literature with three generously sized tiers that each measure 18.6 inches wide by 7.8 inches deep. The open design allows you to arrange brochures and magazines either vertically or horizontally to maximize the storage space. Each shelf can hold several stacks of standard 8.5×11 inch magazines and papers.

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the two pre-drilled mounting holes and included hardware. All necessary screws, drywall anchors, and an instruction manual are provided for your convenience. Simply mark the wall, drill pilot holes, and mount the rack in minutes. No special tools required!

Whether you operate a medical office, salon, car dealership or other business, this versatile literature organizer is perfect for your waiting room. Give patients and clients a selection of interesting magazines and brochures to browse while they wait. The wall mounted design keeps them up off the floor and free from damage.

For corporate offices and lobbies, this sleek transparent rack keeps company literature, sales catalogs, and event flyers neatly stored but easily accessible to visitors. The minimalist contemporary design blends into any professional environment. The open shelves allow employees and guests to quickly grab needed materials.

In classrooms and libraries, this handy holder keeps reading materials, assignments, and handouts organized. Mount it next to seating areas so students can easily access and return magazines and papers. The clear acrylic is perfect for schools since there are no hidden corners or surfaces for dirt to accumulate.

Whatever your space, the XOHYW acrylic literature rack offers a stylish way to present your pamphlets, newsletters, mailers and more. The crystal clear high grade acrylic looks upscale and enhances your décor while keeping your space clutter-free and organized.


Made of 5mm thick acrylic for longevity and durability
Crystal clear transparent acrylic allows materials to be visible
Lightweight rack is easy to mount on the wall
Hangs flush to the wall at just 1.4 inches deep
Rounded corners and edges for safety
3 tiers with generous 18.6 x 7.8 inch size
Each shelf can hold multiple stacked magazines
Open design allows materials to stand vertically or horizontally
Mounting hardware, screws, and anchors included for easy installation
Sleek and modern minimalist design fits any room décor
Keeps brochures, catalogs, flyers neatly organized and accessible
Perfect for waiting rooms, offices, lobbies, classrooms and more
Keeps materials off tables and counters, freeing up space
Easy to wipe down and keep clean
So dress up your space and keep it clutter-free with the XOHYW clear acrylic literature rack. It provides a fashionable and functional way to store pamphlets, magazines, catalogs and more. Order yours today!


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