XREXS Large Digital Wall Clock with Backlight – Jumbo 16.9″ LCD Screen Shows Time, Calendar, Temperature and More


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Welcome to the future of home decor with the XREXS Large Digital Wall Clock. This beautiful and functional timepiece will add a modern touch to any room. The huge 16.9 inch LCD display shows the time, date, temperature and more in large, easy-to-read digits against a soft backlight. Customize your experience by choosing between 12 and 24 hour time formats, Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units, and alarm and countdown timer functions.

Display the Essentials in Style

The extra-large 5.9 inch tall digits on this digital wall clock will help you read the time from across the room. No more squinting to see small clock hands! The display also alternates to show the indoor temperature, calendar (month and date), and day of the week in the same jumbo size. The auto-adjusting backlight illuminates the display at night, but won’t be too bright. You’ll be able to check the time in the middle of the night without disrupting your sleep.

Full Range of Functions

This isn’t just any basic digital clock – it also serves as an alarm clock, countdown/count up timer, and more. Choose between 12 and 24 hour time formats to suit your preference. Display the temperature reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit units. When it’s time to wake up in the morning, the beeping alarm clock function is loud enough to get you up and moving. Activate snooze to catch a few more minutes of sleep. The timer feature allows you set a countdown up to 29 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds – perfect for tracking study or work periods. There’s also a count-up stopwatch mode for clocking sports activities and more.

Convenient Design

Everything about this digital wall clock is designed for convenience and flexibility. It runs entirely on battery power, so you can place it anywhere without having to connect to a power outlet. The fold-out stand tilts the clock for easy visibility and the keyhole slots allow you to hang it on the wall. The simple button controls make it effortless to set the time/date, switch between functions, and activate the backlight. The memory function even preserves your customized settings if the batteries run out.

Modern Home Decor

This digital wall clock makes a striking home decor accent for contemporary, modern, minimalist, or casual decor styles. The crisp white rectangular LCD display acts as a decorative focal point without being overbearing. Mount it in a central spot like the living room or above your bedside table so the extra-large display is easy to read. Or hang it in the kitchen, office, classroom or any other room where you want an attractive and functional timepiece.

Precision Design

Inside the stylish exterior, this digital clock contains an accurate quartz timing mechanism to keep your schedule on track. The LCD screen uses durable construction and energy efficient technology. User-friendly buttons make it simple to set up and switch modes. This is the most advanced jumbo digital wall clock on the market today!

Bring functionality and style home with the XREXS Large Digital Wall Clock. The huge display, auto backlight and wealth of features make this an essential timepiece for modern life. Order yours today!


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