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Add a pop of personality to your tissue storage with the Yeaqee 6 Pcs Sublimation Tissue Boxes. These blank tissue boxes allow you to customize them with any pattern or design using a heat transfer printer. Make them match your home décor or give as personalized gifts – the options are endless with these DIY sublimation tissue boxes!

Customize The Tissue Boxes However You’d Like

The magic of these tissue holders is that you can sublimate any image or pattern right onto them using heat transfer paper and a thermal heat press machine. Get creative with your own photos, inspirational quotes, fun patterns – anything you want!

It’s easy to add a personal touch or make them coordinate with your room’s style. Sublimate holiday designs for the seasons, floral patterns for spring, beach scenes for summer, fall leaves when autumn arrives or winter wonderlands when it’s cold.

The canvas is yours, so you can let your creativity shine and make boxes that match your taste and decor perfectly.

Quality Construction For Years Of Use

Don’t let the customizable style fool you – these tissue holders are made to last! The sturdy wooden construction will maintain its integrity even with frequent use.

The boxes are crafted from reliable wood board that is waterproof and anti-dust. A quick wipe down with a wet cloth keeps them looking pristine. No need to worry about wear and tear deteriorating the boxes over time.

With proper care, your personalized tissue boxes will maintain their customized designs and provide years of durable use.

Compact Size Fits Any Space

Measuring 5.91 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches, these cube-shaped tissue holders fit neatly into small spaces. Keep one on your office desk, end table in the living room, nightstand in the bedroom, or bathroom counter.

The compact tissue box size is perfect for apartment living or anywhere space is limited. Don’t let a lack of surface area stop you from adding a touch of customization!

Holds Standard Tissue Boxes

While the exterior can be fully customized, the interior is designed to hold standard tissue boxes. Most 2-ply rectangular tissue boxes will fit right into the blank sublimation boxes with ease.

Tissues are simple to insert when refilling the box – just lift off the lid and slide a new tissue box in. The wide opening and spacious 5.91 inch cube storage capacity means tissues won’t get jammed.

Multipurpose Decor That Also Stores

Part decor, part daily essential, these sublimation tissue holders pull double duty! The customized outer design allows them to function as decorative pieces for shelving, counters, and tables.

But don’t let the stylish exteriors fool you – these boxes also provide practical storage for your tissue needs. Keep the tissues you need within easy reach while also personalizing your space.

Liven Up Any Room’s Decor

Make a statement and liven up the decor in your:

  • Living room – Sublimate your favorite floral pattern or artsy abstract design to add a pop of personality.
  • Bedroom – Add customized boxes atop your nightstands for a dose of you.
  • Bathroom – Bring the spa vibes home with tissue boxes featuring zen designs.
  • Office – Motivate your workflow with inspirational quotes or fun patterns.
  • Dorm room – Show off your school spirit or hobby passions.
  • Craft room – Complement your creative space with fabric prints and color schemes.

The options are endless! Add a unique touch wherever boxes are handy to have.

Liven Up Any Party with Custom Favors

Looking for a party favor your guests will actually use and love? These DIY sublimation tissue boxes allow you to personalize the perfect gift!

Make the boxes match your party theme – the options are endless:

  • Birthday parties – Sublimate the birthday honoree’s name, age, and photo.
  • Weddings – Share your wedded bliss with tissue boxes featuring your names and wedding date.
  • Baby showers – New parents will appreciate boxes with the baby’s name, footprint, or ultrasound.
  • Housewarming party – Help guests settle into their new home with tissue boxes featuring their family name.
  • Holiday parties – Spread seasonal joy with tissue boxes sublimated with holiday inspired designs.

Whatever the occasion, customized tissue boxes make great functional keepsakes.

Customize With Photos, Patterns, Quotes, and More

Unleash your creativity and sublimate any of the following onto the blank tissue boxes:

  • Photos – Family portraits, vacation memories, wedding photos – preserve your favorite moments!
  • Patterns – Floral designs, geometric shapes, boho motifs – make them match your style.
  • Quotes – Add inspirational messages, song lyrics, or words of wisdom.
  • Seasonal – Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July themes – decorate for the holidays.
  • Monograms – Add your family name or initials for a personalized touch.

Let the pattern possibilities spark your creativity and customize boxes that show off your passions, hobbies, interests and taste!

Simple Steps For Stunning Results

With just a few easy steps, you can create stunning sublimated tissue boxes:

  1. Design your pattern, quote, or image on your computer using digital design software.
  2. Print out your design onto sublimation transfer paper, making sure to print in reverse.
  3. Cut the transfer paper to fit the tissue box size.
  4. Pre-press the box with a heat press to remove any moisture.
  5. Place the transfer paper print side down onto the box and heat press.
  6. Allow the box to cool, then remove the transfer paper backing.
  7. Insert tissues and admire your customized creation!

With the right digital design software and a heat press machine, you’ll be customizing tissue boxes like a pro in no time!

Product Details:

  • Includes 6 blank sublimation tissue boxes.
  • Cube-shaped boxes measure 5.91 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches.
  • Crafted from durable and waterproof wood.
  • Holds standard 2-ply rectangular tissue boxes.
  • Create custom tissue boxes with sublimation transfer printing.
  • Add unique style to any room – from bathrooms to offices.
  • Great personalized party favors or gifts.

Customize your tissue storage and decor in a snap with the creative possibilities of the Yeaqee Sublimation Tissue Boxes. With the right sublimation pattern, you can make tissue boxes as stylish as they are practical!


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