YETI Daytrip Packable Lunch Bag, Charcoal


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Tired of sad desk lunches? Ditch the soggy sandwiches and lukewarm drinks with the YETI Daytrip Packable Lunch Bag. This handy little lunch bag helps you pack tasty meals you’ll actually look forward to eating each day.

Keep Your Lunch Chilled or Hot for Hours

The secret behind the YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag is its ColdCellTM flex insulation. This innovative closed-cell foam insulation offers exceptional temperature retention to keep your food chilled or piping hot. A lot of lunch bags only insulate the bottom or sides, but the ColdCellTM flex insulation wraps all the way around your food.

Just fill the Daytrip Lunch Bag with ice packs and perishables in the morning, and your lunch will stay cold for hours until you’re ready to eat. No more mushy, room-temperature sandwiches and sad wilted greens. Or pack hot soups, stews, or pasta dishes to enjoy a hot meal at your desk later in the day. The ColdCellTM insulation really locks in temperatures remarkably well.

Compact, Lightweight Design Folds Flat

Part of what makes the YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag so convenient is its clever foldable design. When not in use, the empty bag folds completely flat to tuck neatly into a desk drawer or slide into a backpack. Weighing just 2.8 ounces, it’s incredibly lightweight and packs down small.

Simply unfold the Daytrip Lunch Bag when you’re ready to fill it with your lunch. The adjustable grid system lets you expand the bag to your desired size, with hook closures that slide along the exterior loops. Cinch it down for petite lunches or expand it for heartier meals. The compact bag measures just 8.75” L x 5.75” W x 8.75” H fully expanded.

Highly Durable and Leakproof

While incredibly lightweight, the YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag is also built tough to handle daily use. It’s constructed from durable 840 denier nylon that’s water and puncture resistant. The high-density material helps block moisture from leaking in or out.

An airtight ThermaSnapTM magnetic closure seals the top shut to lock in temperatures. Just align the magnets and they snap together to form a tight leakproof seal. The secure closure keeps messy spills or leaks contained inside your bag.

Cleans Up Easily

Despite its insulating powers, the YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag cleans up easily when accidents happen. The abrasion-resistant nylon material and sealed seams prevent stains from setting in. Just wipe out any spills using a damp cloth and a little soap if needed.

You can also toss it in the washing machine occasionally to freshen it up. Use cold water and gentle cycles to clean the lunch bag while preserving its integrity. Hang dry completely before using again.

YETI’s Legendary Durability

All YETI products are built with exceptional care and durability, just like the company’s famous coolers. The Daytrip Lunch Bag brings that same level of quality in a compact, packable form.

YETI offers a 5-year limited warranty to stand confidently behind the lunch bag’s construction. It’s incredibly tough and made to last for years of daily use. YETI gear is an investment designed to outlive cheaper versions.

Available Colors

The YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag comes in three stylish color choices:

Charcoal: A versatile dark grey perfect for men or women
Navy: Rich blue hue great for professional settings
Chalk: Soft earthy off-white tone

The Perfect Accessory for Work, School, or Travel

Whether you’re brown bagging office lunches, packing school snacks, or road tripping, the YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag is a handy companion. Its superior insulation preserves your food’s optimal temperature and quality wherever you roam. Compact, durable, and leakproof – this lunch bag has everything you need for better meals on the go.


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