YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug-48″x 24″ Thin Quick Dry Bathroom Rugs Non Slip Super Absorbent Rubber Mat Washable Shower Mat for Bathroom Floor Sink Bathtub


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Step out of the shower and onto luxury with the YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug. This ultra-absorbent bath mat provides a super soft yet non-slip surface that keeps your bathroom floor clean, dry, and safe.

The YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug is crafted with fast-drying technical suede cloth on the surface. This innovative material rapidly pulls moisture through the mat to keep wetness from pooling on top. The result? No more soaked mats or damp floors after a shower. Just a clean, dry surface every time.

But absorption is only half the story. The other key is grip. That’s why the back of the mat is covered in non-slip rubber that grips smoothly onto tile, linoleum, wood, or any other bathroom flooring (wet or dry). No more skidding or shifting. The YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug stays securely in place – keeping you and your family safe from slips and falls.

And while the grip holds tight, the mat itself is designed to lie flat and contour to the floor. The thin 0.2 inch profile easily fits under doors and against baseboards without buckling or curling up.

Maintenance is a breeze too. Just give the mat a quick rinse or wipe down to remove dirt and hair. No need to throw it in the washing machine. The smooth surface is crafted to resist residue buildup and prevent mildew or bad odors. No more smelly moldy mats.

Durability is unmatched too. The YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug is made from high quality materials that won’t pill, shed, or lose shape over time. No more unraveling, fuzzing, or thinning out. This mat maintains its integrity wash after wash.

With its sleek, versatile design the YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug fits perfectly in modern bathrooms. The simple style matches any decor from contemporary to farmhouse chic. Available in different colors like teal, grey, and brown, it’s easy to coordinate with your towels, shower curtain, and other accessories.

Whether you need a shower mat, bathroom rug, kitchen mat, or utility rug, the YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug is the perfect fit. Conveniently sized at 48″ x 24″, it provides ample coverage in front of sinks, tubs, and other high traffic areas prone to spills and drips.

Protect your floors in style and comfort with the YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug. Order yours today to experience the luxury of soft, absorbent comfort combined with durable, non-slip safety. Your bathroom floors will thank you!

Key Features

  • Fast Absorbing & Quick Drying: Technical suede cloth surface rapidly pulls moisture through to keep floors clean and dry
  • Strong Non-Slip: Rubber back grips smoothly onto all floor types, wet or dry
  • Easy to Clean: Just rinse or wipe down – no machine washing required
  • Durable & No Shedding: Won’t pill, fuzz, or lose shape over time
  • Versatile Size: Measures 48″ x 24″ to fit in front of sinks, tubs, and more

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 0.2 inches
  • Material: Technical Suede Cloth and Rubber
  • Machine Washable: No
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Reasons to Choose the YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug

  • Absorbent Top, Non-Slip Bottom: With fast drying absorption and sturdy grip, it’s the best of both worlds for safety and drying.
  • Mildew Resistant: Smooth surface prevents buildup of residue, odors, and mildew.
  • Easy Maintenance: No machine washing needed – just wipe clean as needed.
  • Won’t Unravel or Fuzz: Durable construction maintains shape and surface integrity over time.
  • Fits Any Decor: Available in versatile colors like teal, grey, and brown to match any style.

Ideal Uses for the YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug

  • Bathroom shower mat
  • Bathtub mat
  • Bathroom floor rug
  • Kitchen mat at sink
  • Laundry room utility mat
  • Entryway rug
  • Mudroom mat

Customer Reviews

“This bath mat is perfect! It absorbs water like a champ and keeps my bathroom floor nice and dry after showers. I love that it has a non-slip rubber backing too so it stays in place without any sliding or movement.” – Mary S.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this mat for the price. It lies completely flat and hasn’t curled up at the edges at all. Plus it’s easy to just wipe clean whenever it gets dirty. I’m buying a second one for my other bathroom!” – James R.

“This cleans up nicely and matches my navy towels and shower curtain perfectly. It provides great traction getting out of the tub. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable bath mat that also looks great.” – Sarah W.

Order the YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug Today!

Don’t risk slips and falls, soggy floors, or unnecessary laundry. Get the convenience of a quick-drying non-slip bath mat that keeps your bathroom clean and stylish. With its durable construction and easy care, the YIHOUSE Bath Mat Rug provides absorbed luxury and safety in one.


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