Yimobra Heating Pad | Dry and Warm Your Bath Mats


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Keep bath mats dry and cozy with the Yimobra heating pad. This innovative product allows you to customize heat and runtime settings, providing a continuous, gentle warming perfect for drying bathroom rugs.

Built with you in mind, the Yimobra heating pad offers:

Adjustable Heat Settings
With 11 temperature options ranging from 80°F to 130°F, find your ideal heat level. The pad increases in 5°F increments, so you can tweak it to your perfect temperature.

Customizable Timer Up to 24 Hours

Set the timer anywhere from 1 hour up to a full 24 hours so your bath mat heating turns off automatically. No more wondering if you left it on!

Even, Moderate Heating
An upgraded 7-layer heating film provides balanced warmth across the entire surface area. No more cold spots.

Overheat Protection
A built-in 55°C/131°F temperature sensor prevents overheating for peace of mind.

Waterproof, Flame Retardant Materials
With a waterproof layer rated IP67, this pad can withstand wet conditions. It also meets flammability standards for safety.

Non-Slip Bottom
Rubber dots on the underside keep the pad firmly in place.

Reduce Cleaning Time
The continuous, gentle heat dries out bath mats faster so you spend less time scrubbing away mildew. For extremely damp mats, use a dryer first before turning to the Yimobra heating pad.

Give your bathroom rugs the Yimobra treatment. Customizable heat settings, built-in safety features, and hassle-free operation make this electric heating pad the perfect solution.


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