Yinkin 100 Pack Folding Fans – Elegant Handheld Bamboo Fans for Weddings, Parties, Dancing, and More

An Elegant and Practical Accessory to Keep You Cool


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Stay cool and classy with the Yinkin 100 pack of folding hand fans. These beautiful bamboo and paper fans provide a timeless, elegant look and a practical way to get relief from the heat.

With 100 fans in each pack, you’ll have plenty to go around at your special event. Give them as wedding favors or party accessories to instantly add sophistication. The bride can even customize them to match her wedding colors and theme. Or get creative and let guests decorate their own as an interactive craft activity or souvenir.

Made from quality bamboo and paper, the fans have a lightweight, solid feel. The 21cm length folds down nicely to fit in purses and bags. The white color works for any occasion, from summer backyard barbeques to black-tie affairs.

Endless Uses for These Classy Fans

While these folding fans are perfect for weddings and formal events, their uses are endless:

Wedding or Bridal Shower Favors
Customize with ribbon, flowers, or paint to match your wedding theme. Write the couple’s name and date for a memorable keepsake.

Dance Performances
Flamenco, cabaret, burlesque – add dramatic flair with these beautiful handheld fans.

Outdoor Events
Keep cool at barbeques, garden parties, outdoor concerts, and more. Fans allow a breeze without electricity.

Photo Props
Pose and snap pictures with these exotic, decorative fans. They add elegance to any photoshoot.

Church Fans
Stay comfortably cool with a subtle breeze during long services. These fans won’t disrupt others.

Bed & Breakfast Gift
Leave a fan at each place setting to welcome your guests. They’ll be grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Set the ambiance with a touch of sophistication. Fans can enhance any dining experience.

DIY Crafts
Let kids decorate their own fans for interactive play and customization.

Home Decor
Display beautiful folded fans on shelves, walls, and tabletops when they’re not in use.

Summer Parties
Keep guests cool at graduations, birthdays, tea parties, and outdoor celebrations.

Prom or Homecoming Favors
Make a memorable evening with customized fans as party favors.

The possibilities are endless with these elegant yet practical folding hand fans!

High Quality Materials Built to Last

These Yinkin folding fans are thoughtfully constructed from quality materials:

Bamboo Sticks – The bamboo frame provides rigid structure so the fan retains its shape and folds neatly. Bamboo is lightweight yet strong.

Paper – Each fan is made from smooth, white paper that is durable yet thin enough to allow maximum airflow.

Adhesive – The bamboo sticks adhere securely to the paper so the fans feel solid in your hand. No need to worry about the fan falling apart.

While decorative and delicate in appearance, the superior materials ensure these handheld fans remain functional and withstand regular use. The construction is reliable enough for daily cooling, yet elegant for more formal occasions.

When folded up, the fans slide easily into purses, bags, and backpacks for portable convenience. Keep one in every summer bag so you’re never without a breeze.

Customize for Any Occasion

Personalize these bamboo and paper fans to match any themed event or activity.

For weddings, add ribbons, flowers, or paint to fit your color scheme. Write the bride and groom’s name and wedding date for a special keepsake for guests.

Jazz up the fans with glitter, sequins, stamps and more to delight kids at birthday parties. Hand them out as party favors they can decorate themselves.

For dance performances, decorate the fans with bright colors, tassels, and trims to coordinate with costumes. Use them as dramatic props in dances like flamenco, burlesque, salsa, and more.

Let your imagination run wild and make these handheld fans into one-of-a-kind accessories!

Stay Chic & Comfortable Year-Round

While these traditional folding fans help keep you breezy and cool in the summer, their uses don’t end when the weather cools down.

In the spring and fall, use a fan to gently circulate the air and feel refreshed. The subtle airflow allows you to maintain comfort without blasting the heat or air conditioning. Saving energy is always in style!

Fans also add elegant ambiance to any occasion, anytime of year. Keep a stash on hand for weddings, corporate events, church functions, recitals, and any special gathering. Share them at restaurants, banquets, teas, and cocktails parties to up the sophistication factor.

In the winter, display folded fans on shelves and tabletops as decorative touches. Hang them on walls to add visual interest and give your home exotic flair.

High Quality Fans for Low Stress

The last thing a bride needs on her special day is a breakdown. Avoid worry and stress with the Yinkin folding fans – quality you can rely on when it matters most.

The thick, sturdy bamboo and smooth paper are built to last through your event without falling apart or losing shape. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your decor will remain intact.

Don’t waste time running around hunting for fans the day before your wedding. With 100 in each affordable pack, you’ll have plenty on hand for your guests. One less thing to check off your to-do list!

The Yinkin folding fans allow you to add an elegant touch of sophistication with ease and confidence. Their simplicity also makes them easy and affordable to order in bulk.

Stay cool under pressure with these stylish and reliable bamboo and paper handheld fans!

Yinkin Folding Fans – The Classy, Affordable Choice

Impress your guests without blowing your budget. The Yinkin 100 pack of folding fans offers incredible value for beautiful, functional decor.

Unlike cheap plastic giveaways, these paper fans have an upscale yet traditional look. The bamboo handles and clean white paper make them appropriate for both casual and formal affairs.

Don’t pay an arm and a leg for custom imprinting or embellishments. You can easily decorate these blank slates yourself with ribbon, paint, rhinestones, and more. Get creative without going broke!

For less than a dollar per fan, you’ll have plenty to give out as practical favors or functional decor. Share them at large weddings, corporate events, church functions, and parties with 100 or 1000 guests.

Stay comfortable and look sophisticated at your next special event with Yinkin folding fans. Their quality, simplicity, and quantity make them the affordable choice for any budget.


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An Elegant and Practical Accessory to Keep You Cool”

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