YOSUKATA 14 Inch Carbon Steel Wok Pan – Authentic Round Bottom Wok for Stir-Frying and Cooking Asian Cuisine


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Unlock the authentic flavors of Asian cuisine right in your own kitchen with the YOSUKATA 14 Inch Carbon Steel Wok Pan. This round bottom wok is specially designed to seal in juices and flavors when stir-frying, allowing you to experience the rich, flavorful dishes of China, Thailand, Japan and beyond.

Specially Shaped for Stir-Frying Perfection

Unlike flat-bottomed pans, the YOSUKATA wok features a round bottom that allows ingredients to be tossed and flipped as you stir-fry. This allows food to cook quickly and evenly while sealing in moisture and flavor. The sloped sides are perfect for tossing vegetables, meat and rice.

With its 14 inch diameter, this wok provides ample space to stir-fry for the whole family. The long wooden handle stays cool while cooking and provides a safe, comfortable grip.

Pre-Seasoned with Special Technique

Getting a slick, non-stick cooking surface is crucial for stir-frying in a wok. That’s why the YOSUKATA wok undergoes a special pre-seasoning process. The wok is heated to over 600°F and coated with a thin layer of oil. This seals the pores of the steel, creating an ultra-smooth patina ideal for tossing and frying.

While pre-seasoned, we still recommend providing additional seasoning to build up the non-stick properties over time. The more you use your carbon steel wok, the better it will perform.

Durable and Versatile Carbon Steel

The YOSUKATA wok is handcrafted from heavy-duty carbon steel, chosen for its durability and excellent heat conductivity. Carbon steel heats quickly and evenly, responding to changes in temperature instantly. This enables fast, high-heat stir-frying that seals in flavorful juices.

And unlike cast iron, carbon steel is lighter in weight for easier handling when cooking. The material will not warp or crack under high heat either. With proper care, your wok will last for many years of Asian cooking.

In addition to stir-frying, this versatile wok can be used for:

  • Pan-frying pancakes, eggs and more
  • Searing meats before braising or stewing
  • Boiling noodles, soups or stews
  • Deep-frying appetizers like wontons or potstickers

The round bottom also enables more heat to contact the sides, great for boiling soups or cooking rice.

Easy to Maintain

Caring for your carbon steel wok is simple. Handwash and dry thoroughly after each use. Re-season periodically by coating with a thin layer of oil and heating on the stovetop. Avoid abrasive cleaners which can damage the seasoning. If food happens to stick, soak in hot water to loosen debris.

When not in use, we recommend hanging your wok to maintain the shape of the rounded bottom. The wok is conveniently portable and easy to store.

Authentic Asian Cooking for Your Kitchen

For home cooks looking to recreate the mouthwatering flavors of Asia, the YOSUKATA Carbon Steel Wok Pan provides an affordable, high-quality option. The traditional round bottom design and pre-seasoned carbon steel allow you to stir-fry, braise, fry and more with the speed and temperature control essential for Asian cooking. Bring the authentic taste of Chinese, Thai and other Asian cuisines to your kitchen today!


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