Zakarian by Dash Professional Nonstick Cast Iron Skillet – 11 Inch Titanium Ceramic Coated Frying Pan for Restaurant Quality Cooking


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Bring the excellence of fine dining into your home kitchen with the Zakarian by Dash 11 Inch Nonstick Cast Iron Skillet. This professional-grade frying pan is crafted with Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian to deliver unrivaled cooking performance. With its durable cast iron body and revolutionary titanium ceramic nonstick coating, this skillet truly stands in a class of its own.

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Body Retains Heat Beautifully

At the core of this incredible skillet is a heavy-duty cast iron body that retains heat evenly and efficiently. The thick cast iron material gets hotter and stays hotter longer than other cookware materials. This allows you to sear meats perfectly to lock in juices and develop that crave-worthy crispy browned exterior. It also enables ideal heat distribution so your food cooks consistently from edge to edge, without hot or cold spots.

Cast iron’s heat retention abilities make this an extremely versatile pan. You can start dishes on the stovetop then transfer the skillet directly into the oven. Bake casseroles, roast vegetables, broil chicken breasts, or finish off steaks by basting them with butter in the oven. With this skillet’s oven-safe design, you can cook foods using a wide array of methods for delicious results.

Titanium Ceramic Coating Releases Food Effortlessly

The Zakarian skillet features a revolutionary titanium ceramic nonstick coating that takes food release to a whole new level. This exclusive coating incorporates titanium particles in the ceramic layer, creating an ultra-durable nonstick surface. Foods simply slide right off without the need for oil or aggressive scrubbing.

This nonstick surface makes cooking and cleanup a total breeze. Frying eggs, flipping pancakes, and sautéing veggies is effortless with the food-releasing titanium ceramic. After meals, wipe the pan clean or give it a quick soak. You’ll never have to chisel off baked-on residues again.

What’s more, the titanium ceramic coating doesn’t contain toxic chemicals like PFOA or PTFE. It’s free of lead and cadmium as well. You get safe, healthy cooking for peace of mind.

Pre-Seasoned so You Can Start Cooking Right Away

While traditional cast iron requires lengthy seasoning procedures to develop a natural nonstick patina, this skillet comes pre-seasoned from the factory. The cooking surface possesses a subtle black hue, indicating it’s already properly seasoned.

That means you can start frying, sautéing, and searing immediately with no seasoning required. The pre-seasoning also gives the pan enhanced protection against rust and corrosion. Even after many uses, the skillet maintains its slick surface beautifully.

Designed for All Cooktops Including Induction

With its flat machined cooking surface, this skillet works on all stovetop types – gas, electric, ceramic, and induction. The durable flat bottom ensures optimal contact with induction cooktops for fast, even heating. Toss it in the oven after stove cooking or use it on the grill when barbecuing.

This versatility makes the skillet your new go-to pan for everyday cooking. Braise meats, char vegetables, sear scallops, grill sandwiches – the possibilities are practically endless.

Restaurant-Quality Results Right at Home

While designed for home use, this professional-grade skillet truly unlocks restaurant-caliber cooking. The heavyweight cast iron body mimics the performance of commercial kitchen cookware. Combined with the titanium ceramic nonstick surface, you can achieve flawless cooking results.

Fry up diner-style eggs with golden crispy edges and migrated yolks. Experience perfect steakhouse grill marks and char. Or roast chicken with gorgeously bronzed, crackling skin. This skillet delivers chef-level outcomes to impress your family and guests.

Included in the Box

Your Zakarian by Dash Professional Nonstick Cast Iron Skillet purchase includes:

11 inch cast iron skillet
Use and care manual
Recipe guide from Chef Zakarian
Manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty

Key Features

11 inch diameter cast iron skillet
Pre-seasoned with a titanium ceramic nonstick coating
Commercial-grade cast iron construction
Superior heat retention and distribution
Oven safe up to 500°F
Suitable for all cooktops including induction
Free of PFOA, PTFE, lead, and cadmium
Take your cooking to the next level with the Zakarian by Dash 11 Inch Cast Iron Skillet. With this professional-grade pan in your arsenal, you can achieve perfect home cooked meals that look and taste like they came from a restaurant kitchen.


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