Zenna Home Extra Wide Hanging Over-the-Shower Caddy for Maximum Bath Storage, Bronze Finish


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Tired of constantly dropping your shampoo bottles or having nowhere to put your razors and loofahs in the shower? The Zenna Home over-the-shower caddy is the ultimate solution for maximizing your shower storage space. This sturdy caddy hangs directly over your showerhead, keeping all your bath essentials neat, organized, and within easy reach.

Extra Wide Design Holds More Bathroom Essentials

What sets the Zenna Home shower caddy apart is its extra wide design. At 20 inches wide, it’s significantly wider than standard shower caddies. This allows the caddy to hold large and bulky items that other caddies simply can’t accommodate. The two included baskets are ideal for storing jumbo shampoo and conditioner bottles, body wash, shaving cream, and more. No more trying to precariously balance oversized bottles on tiny shelves!

Hanging Storage for All Your Shower Needs

In addition to the two roomy baskets, the Zenna Home shower caddy provides ample hanging storage as well. The caddy comes with multiple hooks for hanging razors, poufs, washcloths, and any other shower accessories. The hooks keep these smaller items organized and prevent them from falling onto the tub floor. There are also specialized holders for tweezers, nail files, and other small grooming tools.

Rust-Resistant Bronze Finish

The stylish bronze finish not only looks great in any bathroom, but it also resists rust and corrosion. Made from quality steel with a bronze powder-coated finish, this caddy will maintain its good looks even with high humidity and frequent use. No more dealing with ugly rust stains ruining the aesthetics of your shower!

Secure Installation Above Your Shower

Installing the Zenna Home shower caddy takes just minutes with the included hardware. A non-slip silicone collar grips the shower arm tightly to prevent any wobbling or swaying. Industrial strength suction cups on the back provide extra stability and adhesion to ensure this caddy stays put. Despite its large size, the caddy feels very secure and stable after installation.

More Benefits of the Zenna Home Shower Caddy:

  • Extra wide 20 inch design provides storage for oversized bottles and accessories
  • Hanging baskets keep items organized and free up shelf space
  • Hooks, holders, and built-in razor storage prevent dropped items
  • Rust-resistant bronze finish looks great and resists corrosion
  • Suction cups and non-slip collar allow for fast and secure installation
  • High quality steel construction built to last


With over 1200 positive reviews on Amazon, it’s clear the Zenna Home over-the-shower caddy is a customer favorite. Here’s what buyers have to say:

“This shower caddy is the best! It holds all my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, razors, loofahs – you name it. I don’t have to balance stuff precariously on tiny shelves anymore. The installation was a breeze too. The suction cups keep it totally stable. I’m so glad I bought this!”

“I’ve gone through too many cheap plastic shower caddies that broke and fell apart. This bronze metal one is so sturdy and roomy. The two big baskets easily fit my liter bottles of shampoo. Love the rust-resistant finish too. It still looks brand new after a year of use in my shower.”

“This shower caddy was exactly what I needed for my small shower. It hangs right over the shower head so I can fully utilize the shelves for other items. The hooks are great for my poufs, razors, etc. My shower feels so much more organized now. I highly recommend this caddy!”

Transform Your Shower Storage Today

Deal with cluttered shelves, slippery bottles, and disorganized accessories no more! The Zenna Home Extra Wide Hanging Over-the-Shower Caddy is the solution you need to maximize your shower storage space. With its sturdy steel construction, bronze rust-resistant finish, and extra wide design, this caddy is built to provide years of reliable use.

Order the Zenna Home shower caddy today and say goodbye to shower storage frustration once and for all. Your bath essentials will have a proper place, your shower will feel less crowded, and your mornings will feel more Zen.


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