Zhanmai Bulk Egg Cartons – 100 Pack Retro Print Storage for Fresh Farm Eggs (12 Count)


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Welcome to the most adorable and functional egg cartons on Amazon! Our Zhanmai bulk egg cartons are the perfect solution for safely storing and transporting farm fresh eggs.

Product Highlights

  • Package includes 100 pieces of 12-egg bulk egg cartons – enough for housing 1,200 eggs!
  • Each egg carton measures 7.87 x 6.3 x 2.36 inches and can hold 12 small, medium or large eggs
  • Sturdy and reusable recycled paper construction – built to last through multiple egg sales
  • Cute retro rooster print design adds farmhouse flair and exhibits freshness
  • Lightweight and stackable for easy transport and storage

When you’re looking for an egg carton that keeps eggs secure while also showing off your farm pride, our Zhanmai bulk cartons are just what you need!

Safely Store and Transport Farm Fresh Eggs

Transporting eggs from farm to store or market puts your delicate cargo at risk of cracking and breaking. Protect your farm fresh eggs every step of the journey with our Zhanmai egg cartons.

The compartments safely cradle each egg to prevent cracks, chips and damage during transit. The recycled paper construction absorbs shocks and bumps along the way. Once they reach their destination, the cartons stack neatly in coolers, on shelves or in refrigerators to continue safeguarding your eggs.

When it’s time to transport unsold eggs back to the farm, the Zhanmai cartons do double duty to keep them intact for another market day. The sturdy cardboard construction even allows you to reuse the egg cartons multiple times before needing to be recycled.

Size Options for All Egg Varieties

Not all eggs are created equal, which is why our Zhanmai egg cartons are designed to hold small, medium and large eggs with ease. Each of the 12 compartments can accommodate standard chicken eggs as well as the eggs of other fowl like ducks, geese, quail and more.

The cartons measure 7.87 x 6.3 x 2.36 inches overall to give enough space for jumbo eggs while still being compact enough for tiny quail specimens. With the flexibility to house any egg in your flock, these are the only egg cartons you need!

Show Off Your Farm Pride

You put hard work into raising happy backyard birds and producing farm fresh eggs. Our Zhanmai egg cartons let you exhibit your country pride for all to see. The retro rooster print says “my eggs are as fresh as they come!”

The rustic farm design adds vintage country charm wherever you sell or store your eggs. Customers will be drawn to the classic rooster graphic when browsing the shelves. After purchase they’ll be reminded of the freshness each time they take out an egg.

Buy Egg Cartons in Bulk for Big Savings

When you’re selling eggs by the dozen or hundred, you need an ample egg carton supply on hand at all times. Purchasing our 100-pack Zhanmai egg cartons means you always have cartons ready for boxing up fresh eggs.

Buying in bulk means saving money compared to buying egg cartons individually. It’s more convenient too – one bulk order means fewer reorders down the road. Consider adding a few bonus cartons to your initial purchase to cover any extras you might need.

Paper Egg Cartons – Recycled & Recyclable

We believe in caring for the Earth along with caring for her feathered creatures. That’s why our Zhanmai egg cartons utilize recycled paper fibers in their sturdy construction. They’re strong enough to be reused over and over again before being recycled responsibly.

The 100% recyclable materials make these the sustainable egg carton choice. When they’ve reached the end of their usable lifespan, they can be tossed into the paper recycling bin at your local facility.

Recycled paper cartons are also lightweight to help save on transport fuel costs. Less material makes it easier for you to carry large quantities from your vehicle.

Where to Use Zhanmai Bulk Egg Cartons

The applications for our bulk egg cartons are nearly endless! Here are just a few places these cartons can help safely store and display your farm fresh eggs:

  • Farmer’s markets – Transport eggs safely to your farmer’s market stall then neatly display them for customers
  • Farm stands – Line your self-serve farm stand shelves with cartons of fresh eggs for sale
  • CSA boxes – Add a carton of eggs to weekly community supported agriculture boxes
  • Grocery stores – Wholesale eggs to grocery stores and restaurants in protective bulk cartons
  • Food cooperatives – Many co-ops allow members to trade eggs for credit – package your eggs attractively
  • Home use – Store eggs from your own flock safely in the fridge using these functional cartons

Wherever your farm fresh eggs go, our Zhanmai egg cartons go with them!

Order Zhanmai Bulk Egg Cartons Now

Bring farmhouse charm and egg protection to your flock’s egg sales with our bulk pack of 100 retro printed egg cartons. Each holds one dozen eggs safely in recycled paperboard compartments.

The cute rooster design exhibits your eggs’ freshness while also showing off your farming pride. Save money and ensure you always have cartons on hand by purchasing in packs of 100.

Don’t wait to get Zhanmai egg cartons for your farm, homestead or backyard flock! Order now to keep eggs safe while making customers smile.


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