ZINUS Super Strong SmartBase Mattress Foundation – No Boxspring Needed


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Tired of flimsy bed frames that creak and sag over time? Upgrade to the Zinus Super Strong SmartBase – the only mattress foundation you’ll ever need. This heavy duty bed frame is specifically engineered to provide unparalleled strength, durability and support for all mattress types – especially heavier latex, memory foam and innerspring mattresses.

Built Sturdy and Strong to Last

At the core of the Super Strong SmartBase is a solid steel framework designed to withstand over 2200 lbs of weight for twin sizes and up to 4400 lbs of weight for larger sizes. This super sturdy construction provides firm, even support across the entire mattress surface to extend its comfort life. No more annoying squeaks or center sagging that you get with cheaper metal platform beds.

The strong steel bars don’t just run along the outer edges but also include two center support bars for enhanced stability under heavy weight loads. This extra reinforcement allows the SmartBase to easily support the combined weight of couples, families, plus-sized sleepers – even jumping kids!

Replaces Your Boxspring for Ultimate Mattress Support

Traditional boxsprings can sag over time, causing your mattress to dip in the middle and lose support. The Zinus SmartBase replaces your box spring by providing a perfectly flat, rigid surface for foam, latex and innerspring mattresses. This allows them to fully maintain their comfort, support and shape for years.

No more placing plywood between the mattress and boxspring trying to fix sagging problems. The SmartBase properly elevates your mattress 14 inches from the floor – the ideal height for getting in and out of bed easily.

Provides Valuable Underbed Storage Space

In addition to superior mattress support, the high 14 inch clearance under the SmartBase frame provides ample room to utilize the wasted space under your bed. You can easily store extra bedding, shoes, clothing bins, luggage and more – helping de-clutter your bedroom.

The strong steel bars allow you to slide storage bins and stack items around the support legs. The open design also allows for excellent ventilation to prevent unwanted moisture buildup compared to crowded closets.

Easy Tool-Free Assembly in Minutes

Don’t waste time fussing with complicated assemblies and tools trying to build your new bed frame. The Zinus SmartBase ships efficiently in one compact box and sets up in just minutes without any tools or hardware.

Simply unpack the components, fit the legs into the appropriate slots, then lay the support bars across the legs. Your durable new mattress foundation will be ready to use and able to handle even the heaviest mattresses.

5-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind

Confidently upgrade to the Zinus Super Strong SmartBase knowing it’s backed by a 5-year limited warranty. We stand behind the quality materials and solid construction, so you can enjoy night after night of comfortable rest. With proper care and maintenance, this bed frame is built to last for years to come.

Don’t settle for a mattress foundation that squeaks, wobbles and wears out before its time. The Zinus SmartBase is in a class of its own when it comes to providing reliable strength and support for the life of your mattress. Order now and experience the difference of a solid, sturdy bed frame!


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