ZIYOO 6 Pcs Metal Bed Mattress Grippers – Anti Slip Non Skid Mattress Clips for Secure Fit


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Tired of your mattress constantly slipping and sliding on your bed frame? Fed up with having to constantly pull and tug your mattress back into place? Say goodbye to a restless night’s sleep and morning frustration with the ZIYOO 6 piece metal bed mattress grippers. These innovative and easy to install mattress clips will keep your mattress securely in place for night after night of undisturbed sleep.

No More Restless Nights Thanks to Superior Grip

The ZIYOO mattress grippers feature a durable metal construction and clever design that wedge firmly between your mattress and bed frame to prevent sliding. The grippers have a tight hold that keeps even the heaviest mattress firmly in place all night long. No more tossing, turning and frustration as you try to get comfortable on a constantly shifting mattress. With the ZIYOO grippers you can finally enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Universal Fit for Virtually Any Metal Bed Frame

These mattress holders have been specially designed to fit most standard metal bed frames that are 0.98 inches wide. 6 pieces in the pack ensure you have ample grippers to install around your entire bed frame to keep every inch of your mattress tacked down tight. The days of waking up with your mattress askew are over.

Installation Takes Just Minutes Without Tools

Securing your mattress couldn’t be easier thanks to the hassle-free installation of the ZIYOO mattress holders. No tools or hardware are required. Simply insert each gripper into the open side bars of your bed frame. Use the 6 pieces to tack down all 4 sides of your mattress and presto – no more sliding, shifting or movement during sleep. Enjoy a quick and frustration-free setup for a mattress that stays put night after night.

Durable Metal Construction for Lasting Performance

The heavy-duty metal construction gives each mattress gripper the strength and durability to keep even extra thick and heavy mattresses stabilized on your bed frame. Built thicker than many plastic gripper brands, the ZIYOO grippers stand up to repeated use without losing their holding power. The metal material prevents unwanted bending, flexing or flimsiness that could allow your mattress to come loose. You get superior performance and security night after night.

Sleep Better with a mattress That Stays Put

Now you can get the restful sleep you deserve when you install the ZIYOO mattress grippers on your bed frame. No more tossing, turning and frustration throughout the night as you try to get comfortable on a shifting, sliding mattress. These non slip clips keep your mattress perfectly tacked down for superior comfort and support all night long.

You’ll love:

  • Firm holding power keeps mattress secured in place
  • Hassle-free installation without tools or hardware
  • Durable metal construction built to last
  • Universal fit for most standard bed frames
  • 6 pieces to stabilize all 4 mattress sides

Never spend another restless night struggling to sleep on a moving and shifting mattress. Order the ZIYOO mattress grippers now to keep your mattress firmly in place for superior comfort night after night.

ZIYOO 6 Pcs Metal Bed Mattress Grippers


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