ZOBER Hanging Shoe Organizer – Space-Saving Hanging Closet Storage for Shoes, Accessories and More


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Tired of constantly tripping over piles of shoes that litter your closet floor? The hassle ends now with the ZOBER Hanging Shoe Organizer. This innovative storage solution instantly maximizes your closet space by storing shoes vertically and out of the way.

The ZOBER Hanging Shoe Organizer features 10 durable canvas shelves that hold up to 10 pairs of shoes. Each shelf is reinforced with sturdy stitching and has a stylish white trim for enhanced durability and visual appeal. Whether you have sneakers, heels, sandals, slippers or any other type of shoe, this organizer neatly contains them so you can easily see and access your footwear.

But the usefulness doesn’t stop at shoe storage. The ZOBER Hanging Shoe Organizer also has 10 convenient mesh pockets, with 5 pockets neatly lined up on each side. These pockets are ideal for storing accessories and items like belts, scarves, hats, flip flops, jewelry, socks and much more. No more digging around piles of accessories thrown on the closet floor or crammed onto shelves. This organizer ensures all your accessories have their own designated storage pockets for organized access.

This hanging closet organizer has a space-saving compact design that measures just 5 1/2” wide and 10 1/2” deep. So it consumes very little closet space, especially since it utilizes vertical storage. The durable steel hanging hook at the top effortlessly hangs on any standard closet rod. And the breathable polypropylene construction ensures proper airflow to items while deterring dust buildup.

Benefits of the ZOBER Hanging Shoe Organizer:

  • 10 canvas shelves hold up to 10 pairs of shoes
  • Reinforced shelf stitching and stylish white trim for enhanced durability
  • 10 mesh pockets (5 per side) ideal for storing accessories
  • Space-saving design consumes minimal closet space
  • Steel hanging hook fits on any standard closet rod
  • Breathable polypropylene construction
  • Easy to assemble and install

Say Goodbye to Clutter and Disorganization:

The ZOBER Hanging Shoe Organizer is the ultimate storage solution to contain clutter in tight spaces. Hoarder’s closets with shoes and accessories strewn all over the floor are now a thing of the past. This organizer immediately gets your closet space under control by neatly storing shoes, accessories and items vertically to maximize every inch.

The compact slots keep shoes properly aligned instead of falling over into a heap on the floor. The mesh pockets corral small accessories into their own separated compartments so items stay organized. No more wasting time rummaging through a messy closet every morning. The ZOBER Hanging Shoe Organizer transforms your closet into an oasis of order and efficiency.

High Quality Durable Construction:

This hanging shoe organizer is made from premium thick polypropylene wrapped around a sturdy metal frame. The breathable polypropylene allows air to circulate to deter odors and prevent dust buildup. The tough industrial grade materials ensure these organizers maintain their integrity over years of use. They won’t bend, warp or sag under the weight of your heaviest shoes.

The canvas fabric shelves have reinforced double stitching at the seams for enhanced durability that prevents tearing. The shelves also feature an elegant white accent trim that adds visual flair. This organizer is built to last for the long haul.

Customize Your Closet Storage:

The ZOBER Hanging Shoe Organizer is available in different sizes so you can fully customize your closet storage system. Along with the standard 10 shelf/10 pocket version, there are options like:

  • 5 shelf/5 pocket organizer for smaller closets
  • 15 shelf/15 pocket organizer for larger shoe collections
  • Double wide 20 shelf/20 pocket organizer for maximum storage

You can also connect multiple organizers together if needed. The possibilities are endless when creating your ideal closet layout. Maximize every inch of vertical storage space with these modular organizers.

Unparalleled Quality from ZOBER:

ZOBER creates premium home storage solutions designed to last a lifetime. All products are crafted from high-grade durable materials and undergo rigorous quality control inspection and testing. These organizers feature sturdy steel hooks, reinforced stitching, durable fabric, and quality construction.

ZOBER offers a 1-year hassle-free warranty and friendly California-based customer service to address any issues or concerns. Invest in the long-lasting organizational power of ZOBER’s hanging shoe racks. You’ll be amazed how much order can be brought to even the most chaotic closet.


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