ZWILLING Fresh & Save Handheld Vacuum Sealer – Keep Food Fresh 5X Longer


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Tired of constantly throwing away spoiled, stale food? The ZWILLING Fresh & Save Handheld Vacuum Sealer is the simple solution for extending food freshness up to 5X longer than traditional storage methods. This innovative appliance removes air from specially designed bags to keep food fresh and flavorful for significantly more time.

Save Money by Reducing Food Waste

According to the USDA, the average American family throws away up to $2,000 worth of food every year! Storing leftovers and bulk buys improperly leads to rapid spoilage and unnecessary waste. The ZWILLING Fresh & Save prevents this by removing oxygen that enables bacterial growth. From meats and cheeses to snacks and produce, you’ll save serious cash by getting more longevity out of the food you buy.

Compact, User-Friendly Design

Many vacuum sealers are bulky, complicated machines not practical for everyday use. The ZWILLING Fresh & Save has a sleek, handheld design perfect for any kitchen. It easily fits in a drawer when not in use. Operation only requires placing food in a sealable bag, inserting the open end into the device, and pressing one button. There are no complex settings or accessories. Vacuum sealing extends shelf life whether food is stored in the fridge, freezer, or pantry.

Advanced Fresh & Save Technology

Inside this deceptively simple appliance is ZWILLING’s patented Fresh & Save technology. It gently vacuums excess air out of storage bags, while retaining just the right amount to preserve flavor, nutrients, and texture. Foods retain their juiciness and vibrancy. No more bland, freezer-burned leftovers! The specially designed bags have a vacuum valve that works exclusively with this system.

Track Spoilage with the ZWILLING Culinary World App

The free ZWILLING app syncs with your sealer to monitor storage times for all your foods. Input what you’re storing and the app provides spoilage estimates. Get notifications when items are nearing the end of their shelf life so you can use up food while it’s still optimal. No more finding moldy, inedible foods hidden in the back of the fridge or freezer. This app helps cut waste for greater savings.

Keeps Produce Fresher, Longer

Fruits and veggies always seem to go bad within days of purchase. The ZWILLING Fresh & Save extends their life dramatically. Berries stay plump and juicy instead of getting moldy. Leafy greens stay crisp for weeks instead of wilting. Hard produce like apples and carrots retain crunch and flavor for months when sealed. You’ll save frequent trips to the grocery store to replace spoiled produce.

Bag Sizes for All Your Food Storage Needs

This set comes with a variety of BPA-free bag sizes to accommodate snacks, leftovers, and bulk ingredients. The compact 3.5″ x 6.7″ bags are great for nuts, cookies, baby food purees, and more. The medium 8.7″ x 11.8″ size handles pizza slices, chicken breasts, sandwich meat, and similar foods. For large batches like roasts, casseroles, and 2-liter bottles, use the extra-large 11″ x 15.7″ bags.

Easy, Mess-Free Operation

Vacuum sealing can be a messy process, but the ZWILLING Fresh & Save contains any overflow inside the appliance. Its drip tray catches spilled liquids while the bag valve prevents food particles from being suctioned into the device. Cleanup only requires emptying and wiping the tray. The anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish wipes clean easily.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

ZWILLING products are designed to last with outstanding German craftsmanship. This vacuum sealer is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Enjoy the convenience of food kept fresh up to 5X longer or your money back! Reduce wasted groceries starting today with the ZWILLING Fresh & Save Handheld Vacuum Sealer.


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