ZWILLING Fresh & Save Vacuum Sealer Starter Set – The Ultimate Food Storage Solution For Busy Home Cooks


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Tired of throwing away spoiled, wasted food? Fed up with freezer burn ruining your frozen foods? Searching for an easy way to save money and eat healthier at home? The ZWILLING Fresh & Save Vacuum Sealer Machine Starter Set is the perfect solution for keeping food fresher, longer and reducing waste. This complete set has everything you need to start vacuum sealing right away.

Save Time and Money with Vacuum Sealed Food Storage

Vacuum sealing removes air from storage bags and containers, dramatically extending freshness. Foods stored with the ZWILLING vacuum sealer stay fresh up to 5 times longer compared to traditional storage methods. No more tossing spoiled produce, meat, baked goods, or leftovers. You’ll save time and money on grocery bills.

Meal prep is a breeze with this starter set. Simply assemble meals or ingredients, vacuum seal portions, and refrigerate or freeze. Reheat and enjoy later! With ready-to-go meals on hand, you’ll make healthier food choices while cutting down on last-minute takeout.

Built-in Roll Holder and Cutter For Effortless Vacuum Sealing

The rechargeable electric vacuum sealer machine removes air and seals bags with just the press of a button. An integrated bag roll holder and cutter allows you to customize bag size as needed. Special one-way vacuum valve bags ensure an impenetrable, airtight seal every time.

BPA-Free, Durable Construction

This vacuum sealing system is designed for longevity and daily use. The electric sealer base is compact for easy storage. Large control buttons allow for simple operation. Durable stainless steel construction resists fingerprints and scratches. The BPA-free bags and container are reusable to cut down on waste and expense.

Complete Starter Set Contents:

  • 1 electric vacuum sealer machine base
  • 1 large 1.3 quart glass food storage container with silicone seal
  • 2 small 8.7 x 11.8 inch vacuum bags
  • 2 medium 11 x 13 inch vacuum bags

Keep Food Fresh For Weeks with Vacuum Sealing

The secret behind vacuum sealing is removing oxygen which causes food spoilage. Protein rich foods like meat, fish, jerky, and cheese stay fresh and frozen 3-5 times longer. Produce retains nutrients and flavor for 14 days instead of just 3-5 days.

Even moist foods like leftovers, soups, and marinades are no match for vacuum sealing. Simply seal and pop in the freezer for weeks. Bread, cookies, and baked goods stay soft and fresh for up to 4 weeks at room temperature compared to a few days in normal packaging.

Marinate in Minutes

Forget marinating overnight! The vacuum process forces flavor into food 3 times faster than traditional marinating. Seal meats, fish, or veggies with marinade or seasoning in a vacuum bag. After just 20-30 minutes you’ll have infused flavor. Sear, bake, or grill for an easy weeknight dinner.

On-the-Go Snacks and Meals

Make snacks, sandwiches, and meals transportable with vacuum sealing. The bags are durable and leakproof, perfect for tossing in your work or school bag. For camping and hiking, keep food protected from dirt and moisture. Vacuum sealing preserves nutrition and ensures you have tasty food when you need it, wherever you are.

Reduce Food Waste with The ZWILLING Fresh & Save App

ZWILLING’s Fresh&Save app takes the guesswork out of food storage. Simply input foods and the app tracks refrigerated and frozen storage time. Get alerts when items are nearing expiration. Plan meals around foods that need to be eaten soon. Less wasted food means more money savings for you!

High-Quality Materials

Every component in the ZWILLING Fresh & Save Starter Set is designed for food safety and durability:

  • Glass storage container made of ultra clear borosilicate glass
  • BPA-free silicone gasket for airtight sealing
  • Reusable BPA-free plastic vacuum bags
  • Silicone one-way valve prevents air re-entry

Take Control of Your Food Storage Now!

Stop throwing money away on spoiled groceries. Gain control over food waste while saving time and eating healthier. The ZWILLING Fresh & Save Vacuum Sealer Starter Set is the all-in-one solution for home cooks. Order now and start vacuum sealing your way to fresher, longer lasting foods!


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